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Here in Tuscany wine country – one of the world’s most renowned culinary destinations – cooking is not just a spectator sport. So what better italian cooking experience and souvenir of your Tenuta Torciano visit than to learn some recipes and new kitchen moves? Below are some of the top cooking classes and food experiences available this fall and winter.


Are you a truffle-lover?

Tenuta Torciano offers a unique culinary experience to explore the culinary delights with our exclusive truffle cooking lesson. During the Truffle Cooking you will have the opportunity to understand how and where the precious truffle grows, manipulate it, clean it and cook it to prepare your dishes together with our expert chef who will teach you all the secrets of how to taste it, keep it and conserve it.

The event will be packed with demonstrations, scientific seminars, winery lunches, and wild truffle forays.

OUTDOOR Cooking School

This culinary training venue does some demonstration classes, but most of its instruction is hands-on. A professional kitchen boasts state-of-the-art equipment and fresh, seasonal ingredients from our organiz vegetable table from the school’s own farm. You’ll cook under the guidance of a professionally trained chef and be given specially selected recipes to prepare – after which you’ll sit down with your fellow students to enjoy your handiwork. Classes are open to adults and teens 16+.

Cooking Pasta making

Learn how to make authentic Italian pasta with a seasoned professional (classes taught in English). Our private Pasta Class offers a relaxed and respectful environment that fosters a true understanding of Tuscan culinary secrets. After the class, enjoy your wonderful creations featuring three varieties of pasta for lunch or dinner, paired with tasting of 13 unique and hand-crafted products including wines, truffle oils and balsamic vinegar.

Conducted entirely in English, a professional chef will assist you and your loved ones as you learn everything there is to know about fresh homemade pastas. During the class, participants will be taught how to cut, knead, roll and fill the ravioli. Additionally, the class will mix, form and cut the dumplings, noodles, or other varieties pasta.

The recipes of our chefs are focused on fresh, high-quality and local ingredients, adhering to Tuscan tradition and making this quintessential Italian dish a memorable experience for all. With encouragement and smiles your instructor will provide you with a pleasant and enjoyable day. Upon arrival the guests are greeted by their host in our Welcome Center for a brief walking tour of this historic property.


Our Lasagna masterclass is a fun, hands-on workshop where you’ll learn how to make Italy’s favorite dish. No need for expert cooking skills; this class is suitable for beginners and chefs alike

To find the best lasagna in Italy, you could eat in countless restaurants, but the tastiest ones are definitely the ones you can make yourself! Join us as we teach you step-by-step techniques and let you in on the best secrets for preparing a delicious traditional lasagna from scratch, so you can head on home and impress your friends and family. During the lasagna class you will learn how to make the authentic Lasagna Bolognese: a delicious dish made of multiple layers of egg noodles, traditional ragù bolognese sauce and creamy Italian béchamel sauce.

Our expert Chef will follow you step by step in the lasagna making, giving you tips and suggestions on how to obtain the best lasagna. This in an incredible opportunity to learn such a classic dish in the comfort of our kitchen.


You will be welcomed at Tenuta Torciano to enjoy our Italian Desserts Cooking Class where you will learn 3 local recipes (tiramisu, Nutella crepes, cantuccini biscuits) with our expert Chef

Then, it’s time for NUTELLA CREPES ! During this hands-on class, you’ll learn how to prepare crêpes, using basic kitchen ingredients, you’ll mix and whisk your batter from scratch, before pouring, flipping, and folding with a variety of fillings and toppings.

In this hands-on cooking lesson, you will learn how to prepare cantuccini, the classic almond biscuits. In Tuscany, at the end of most meals chances are that you will be offered a small plate of cantuccini served with vin santo wine. Participants will leave knowing how to make this beloved biscotto and learn about the different options to change and alter the traditional base recipe.

After that, you will learn how to prepare the perfect NUTELLA tiramisù: the most famous Italian dessert. Tiramisù is a rich treat blending the bold flavors of cocoa and espresso with decadent mascarpone cheese, layered with ladyfinger biscuits.

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