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I’m 28 years old and love anaesthetics, but I am cautious and do my research thoroughly, my due diligence is extensive.

I have never taken the decision to have aesthetics lightly, but have lost an awful lot of weight and maintained it for the last five years, so I do feel the need for it. I have lost a lot of volume from my face, giving me a tired look.

I’m so happy with my weight and body shape, I’ve worked hard in the gym for years now, but my facial skin is loose. I was excited but nervous for my consultation with Dr Sophie Shotter of Illuminate Skin Clinic, it’s always a little nerve-wracking when seeking out a new aesthetics specialist. I needn’t have worried Dr Sophie has a warm and welcoming air, immediately settling me and putting my mind at rest. With a huge number of accolades and diplomas to her name, she was indeed an amazing advert for her profession, stunningly youthful and naturally pretty, to a fault! But it was very reassuring at the same time.

Dr Sophie spent a good half hour chatting and consulting with me to ensure I knew exactly the achievements that could be made, over the course of a few appointments. She took dozens of photos from all angles, in a purpose-built room with great lighting. She explained what she thought would be the most effective course of action, taking into consideration my expectations.

Having agreed with me that my face had sagged, Dr Sophie described how and where I would need fillers. My nasal lines were deep, so I needed some supporting fillers to lift my cheek area and soften those nasal lines. I also was recommended a little Botox on my forehead and around my outer eye area, just to soften the lines a touch, and maybe a little above my brows to give a gentle lift and open the eyes a tad. The results from the filler were immediate and impressive, the Botox took a few days to work, but that was equally as impressive. My cheeks appeared more full and radiant, and I was immediately aware that I looked younger!

Now for the main event…I have been considering lip filler for a few years, but have never had the confidence to actually go for it. My top lip was quite narrow and Dr Sophie agreed a little filler would indeed plump both top and bottom lips up nicely without being too obvious. A little numbing cream was applied but the chosen filler already has an anaesthetic in it, so there was literally no pain at all, it took minutes, but the filler was expertly injected and then massaged into place. The effect was immediate, although there was a slight swelling, this went down with 24 hours.

After a few weeks I had already got used to my new softer appearance, but just felt the need for a little more filler actually in the lip area and following a final syringe of filler into that area I was ecstatic, the result was simply perfect, all this and no pain.

I will have no qualms about seeing Dr Sophie again for top-ups when necessary. The filler can last 6-9 months and the Botox not quite as long, but it will be a priority for me now.

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Written by Amber Lauren for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International


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