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Drinks cabinets have been a feature in luxury establishments since the fifteenth century. Back then, the main purpose of a drinks cabinet, or ‘cellarette’ as they were often known, was to secure alcohol from theft. Today, drinks cabinets serve a different purpose. Both functional and elegant, they add a touch of sophistication to your entertaining space. The perfect addition to your home, a luxury, bespoke drinks cabinet makes serving drinks at dinner parties a truly theatrical affair.

Will Lyne, lead designer at Christopher Peters Kitchens and Interiors, shares his ideas for the ultimate drinks cabinet this Christmas.

Enhance your space and entertaining experience

Staying at home feels like the ultimate privilege when your drinks cabinet is elegant, luxurious and stocked with all your favourite drinks. Whether you are enjoying a quiet tipple after a long day or hosting a special occasion soiree, a drinks cabinet brings a touch of opulence to your entertaining space. A bespoke designed drinks cabinet with a combination of generous storage and display space is the perfect addition to your home. Create an elegant focal point, while space-saving storage provides ample room for your favourite drinks and spirits. With shelving space to put beautiful bottles on show and hand-crafted wooden cabinetry, your finest vintages can conveniently be stored away. A built-in fridge section means chilled wine and mixers are to hand, and there is no need to leave your entertaining space.

Drinks cabinet
Drinks cabinets have been a feature in luxury establishments since the fifteenth century

Functional elegance

To achieve ultimate convenience, include a fully integrated sink in your drinks cabinet. A great selection of drinks in a perfectly finished cabinet can be elevated to the next level when you have access to running water. Freshen up herbs or garnishes with cold water, rinse your cocktail mixer or glasses and refill ice cube trays, all without having to leave your guests. Remember – function does not have to come before beauty. In fact, done well, a built-in sink is an opportunity to bring interest to your drinks cabinet. A stainless-steel sink provides contrast to a wood finish, evoking a contemporary feel. Bring personality and practicality with the use of different materials. Embracing a range of textures, colours and finishes can lead to striking results. Getting creative with mixed materials can have a transformative effect, so do not hold back.

Stylish stemware storage

If you have a favourite glassware set or a collection that you like to display, why not make it more accessible by adding space to hang glasses? This will make sure your glasses are always within reach when making drinks and will keep them out of harm’s way too. It also saves worktop and cupboard space, leaving your drinks cabinet uncluttered, sleek and streamlined. For aged wines, the taste can differ depending on the thickness and quality of the glass. When investing in good-quality glasses, keep them in perfect condition by hanging them up to prevent water from building up and staying in the glasses, which can damage them over time.

luxury Drinks cabinet
Staying at home feels like the ultimate privilege when your drinks cabinet is elegant, luxurious and stocked with all your favourite drinks

Luxury finishing touches

Layering a muted colour palette with natural wood finish, metal handles and mirrors creates depth and dimension that define the look and feel of your space. The sleek, glossy surfaces of steels and mirrors capture light and create a focal point, keeping a space from feeling flat or one-dimensional. Highlighting attractive drinks bottles and kitchenware, reflective surfaces create interest and bring a sense of extravagance. Paired with luxury LED strip lighting, showcase your drinks cabinet and highlight its perfect finish. Lighting can create ambience and mood – well-placed, integrated lighting creates areas of light and shadow, exaggerating depth.

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