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Spending time outdoors brings with it a host of benefits when it comes to health – both physical and mental – and reconnecting with nature has been linked with an increased sense of wellbeing and calm, making going for that morning stroll or taking a dip in the sea a great remedy when you’re feeling in need of a boost.

Fresh air and sunlight are two of the most powerful ingredients that come into play when it comes to the restorative benefits of spending time in nature, and researchers have also discovered that when people make the effort to get outside more often, they tend to exercise more, eat better, and experience less stress overall.

So, if you’re one of the millions of people around the world who find themselves chained to their desks for hours on end each day and struggle to make time for an outdoor break, then taking just a few minutes a day to sip your coffee out in the garden, making a concerted effort to take a weekend walk in woodland could make a huge difference to your quality of life in more ways than one.

One of the best ways to spend more time outdoors is to take up a new hobby or sport. Find something you enjoy, and it won’t feel like a chore – plus, you’ll soon find yourself reaping the benefits of the increased movement and exposure to fresh air, the elements and nature.

Here, we take a look at how to get started, with guidance from the experts at VidaXL – an online store where you can find everything from furniture, and home and garden supplies to toys and games – as well as a whole host of quality sporting equipment designed to get you moving.

Beautiful woman smiling in nature
Fresh air and sunlight are two of the most powerful ingredients that come into play when it comes to the restorative benefits of spending time in nature

The right tools for the job

At this time of year, the warmer weather certainly makes it more pleasant to spend an increased amount of time outdoors, and the summer months are the perfect time to engage in a casual game of rounders or cricket with friends and family, or to join a sports club or team to make it more of a regular thing.

Tennis is a great option, as is basketball – but you’ll of course need to ensure you have the right equipment before you start. The good news is that tennis racquets, basketballs and cricket bats, as well as any other items you might need, are readily available from sports suppliers online, so you won’t need to go out of your way to search for them. Stores like vidaXL offer a wide variety of sporting goods, including equipment such as bats, balls and nets, as well as protective gear like helmets, specialist shoes and protective pads.

Protective gear is necessary for any kind of sport, competitive or not, as the same kinds of risks apply in both cases. Helmets, knee padding, and mouthguards should be used whenever you participate in sports activities, particularly outdoor pursuits like hockey, baseball, rugby and American football, where either hard balls are used or contact is increased

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for with sporting equipment, so be prepared to invest in quality and luxury and you’re certain to notice the difference. Well-made items will last for longer, so it’s worth parting with the extra cash for them.

“At vidaXL, we are constantly expanding our product range with new items so that we can offer our customers the best possible selection of products at the best prices,” said a spokesperson at Vida XL.

“We work with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers to bring you the highest quality products, and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience, so we are always looking for ways to improve our service.”

Couples hiking together in the woods
One of the best ways to spend more time outdoors is to take up a new hobby or sport

vidaXL offers outdoor recreation for everyone

From camping and fishing to hiking and biking, there are countless ways to enjoy the great outdoors, immerse yourself in nature, spend time with family and friends, and stay active. 

If you’re planning a trip away in the natural environment, there are some easy ways you can make the most of the outdoor recreation. Be sure to research the area where you’ll be going, as knowing the terrain, climate, and local wildlife will help you to prepare – whether you’re looking for the perfect glamping or camping spot, or looking to plan a hike. Be sure to always pack enough food and water, too, and be prepared for changing weather conditions, as these can quickly catch you off guard if not and on occasion, put you at risk.

It’s always important to practice safety precautions when participating in outdoor activities. Wear the proper clothing and gear, and never go alone if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

Outdoor recreation

Given that outdoor recreation can reduce stress and anxiety levels, improve mental health and wellbeing and boost focus and concentration when it’s time to work, there are plenty of reasons to get out there this summer and immerse yourself in nature. Taking up a sport or hobby is a great way to reap the benefits whilst improving your physical health, too – so why not make the time to try something new this weekend?

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