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Welcome to Boulies, your choice chair firm that specialises in gaming and office chairs. With a wide array of models, their aim is to deliver the quintessential seating experience for all their valued customers.

As a chair manufacturer, they are always seeking a balance between comfort and support. With premium materials such as microfiber suede, and a bunch of functions, they are proud of the chair. And they are still searching for incredibly comfortable chairs with enough support.

The brand name, Boulies, is influenced by a French town where one of the founders was born. An engineering expert, he found himself in need of a chair that would ensure comfort throughout his lengthy office hours. Whilst gaming chairs were in vogue, he found none that looked professional enough for the office environment, leading him to create one himself. This was the genesis of Boulies.

The focus at Boulies is on guaranteeing maximum comfort for their customers whilst using the chairs. They hold the view that comfort is paramount and constantly seek to strike a balance between comfort and support. The chairs are crafted from top-quality materials such as microfiber suede and boast a variety of functions, designed to satisfy customers’ needs.

The journey commenced in London in 2015, and by 2019, the operations had spread globally, serving customers in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. They take pride in the progress to date and eagerly anticipate expanding their global footprint.

The design director is a strong advocate for creating chairs that are both ergonomic and comfortable. They are aware that comfort enhances productivity, and that’s precisely what they aspire to provide.

At Boulies, they are ceaselessly on the hunt for ways to enhance the chairs and make them even more comfortable for their customers. They are devoted to providing a remarkable seating experience, and the journey is just beginning.

Unveiling the exquisite Boulies Master Series: the Master and Master Max, engineered to embrace all body contours. This series flaunts multiple adjustable features, opulent materials, and a sleek minimalist design, emanating unrivaled sophistication.

Whether you’re engaged in a demanding work sprint, a focused study regime, or a thrilling gaming journey.

The Master Series provides unparalleled comfort and support, redefining your seating experience.


Tailored Round Edge Cushion Design

Engineered with a round edge design, the Boulies master series seat cushion is carefully crafted to provide optimal ergonomics.

By eliminating sharp corners and embracing smooth curves, this cushion conforms to the natural contours of your body, promoting proper posture and reducing pressure on your hips and thighs. Furthermore, it offers a wider seating area that finds your ideal seating posture and enjoy a comfortable experience tailored to you.

Customizable Integrated Lumbar Support

Adding the up and down adjustment, you can fine-tune the lumbar support to precisely align with your spine’s natural curvature. Whether you require a higher or lower level of support, this chair allows you to customize it to your exact specifications. Say goodbye to generic, one-size-fits-all solutions and embrace a chair that adapts to your body.

*Master 2022 Series can only be adjusted to increase or decrease the level of lumbar support.

Aluminum Constructed 4D Armrests

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and durability with Boulies Aluminum constructed 4D Armrests.

The internal structure is crafted from high-grade aluminum alloy, making the armrests stronger, smoother, and more durable than ever before.

They have also redesigned the arm pods to be softer, providing optimal comfort and support for your elbows.

Dynamic Tilt Rocking Function

Experience enhanced relaxation with the rocking function, offering a gentle 15-degree motion that adds a new dimension to your seating experience. Paired with the 15-degree lean-back lock feature, you can find your perfect balance between relaxation and productivity. Adapt to various activities and unlock unparalleled comfort with the multi-functional tilt mechanism.

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