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Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, a leading brand of Accor, has announced the opening of its newest flagship hotel, Fairmont La Marina Rabat Salé. Nestled on the banks of the Bouregreg river and the Atlantic Ocean in Morroco’s capital, the property, which welcomed guests for the first time on November 28, offers breath taking views of the region’s landmark sites.

Designed to mirror a majestic cruise liner dropping anchor on the estuary, Fairmont La Marina Rabat-Salé embarks guests on an unparalleled experience of luxury. By revealing the Rabat-Salé area through a new perspective, the hotel captures the life and soul of modern Morocco highlighting its ancestral traditions.

Located near the Rabat-Salé international airport, a short 10-minute drive from the capital’s city centre, this new Fairmont flagship property features 186 rooms, including 27 opulent suites, and 88 timelessly elegant residences. Combining authentic Moroccan craftsmanship with modern design elements, each room pays homage to the different influences that have marked the Kingdom over the centuries.

Fairmont La Marina Rabat-Salé suite
This new Fairmont flagship property features 186 rooms, including 27 opulent suites, and 88 timelessly elegant residences

Embodying the Fairmont heartfelt service and the best of Moroccan hospitality, the property offers a wide range of culinary experiences to delight the senses. Guests can enjoy a selection of three restaurants as well as a bar overlooking a green Orangery, reinterpreting the outdoor gardens of antique Moroccan dwellings.

The French brasserie, “L’Ecume” is a culinary journey from farm and ocean to table, where local ingredients are showcased by executive chef Nicolas Warot. Whereas “Le Dahlia”, helmed by chef Mohammed Amine Idbounite, is an exhilarating immersion in the heart of authentic Moroccan cuisine. With Mediterranean influences, modern dressings and cooking techniques, Le Dahlia provides guests with a new perspective on this traditional cuisine. Furthermore, “Le Deck”, a travelling cuisine inspired by Nikkei influences, awaits the connoisseur. Offering a 360° panoramic view of the estuary and the region’s most outstanding landmarks, this restaurant is equipped with an avant-garde bar and a year-round heated swimming pool. The venue is a suspended urban oasis where the ambiance evolves throughout the day, becoming more vibrant as the sun sets towards the horizon.

“La Verrière” completes this palette of culinary journeys. This lobby lounge and tearoom is the vibrant heart of the hotel. Bustling from the early morning hours, this contemporary version of the light-drenched patios of the Moroccan ancestral riads is a place to socialise and savour cocktails and is the most exquisite tea-time in the region, with refined pastries, freshly baked by the chef Hicham Khabata.

Fairmont La Marina Rabat-Salé restaurant interior
Le Dahlia offers upscale Moroccan and Levantine type cuisine, paying tribute to the fabulous local produce

As a refreshing haven for the body and soul, the Fairmont Spa stimulates the senses. From its ten treatment rooms, including a VIP spa suite with an authentic Hammam room, to the softened surrounding light and the exclusive product ranges from “Natura Bissé” and “Maison d’Asa”, every detail of this retreat is an invitation for well-being. Through a memorable sensory journey, the therapists’ expert hands hold time in abeyance to capture moments of inner connection and discovery of ancestral care rituals using ingredients drawn from the richness of Moroccan terroir.

Acting in perfect synergy with the spa, Fairmont Fit fulfils a guest’s quest for wellness while travelling and offers a moment of freedom and relaxation for both mind and body. Featuring state-of-the-art fitness facilities, this area offers a holistic experience of well-being through invigorating activities such as cardio-training sessions combined with aqua gym in the heated pool or more restorative activities such as yoga and guided meditation along the beach.

For leisure travellers, Fairmont La Marina Rabat Salé is the ultimate reference for luxury, where the most memorable experiences are created and the most cherished memories are made. From DIY workshops with the artisans of the Oulja to fishing trips aboard a luxury yacht and pedestrian tours through the maze of the old medina, this address offers an exciting immersion in the local culture.

Fairmont La Marina Rabat-Salé lounge
Designed to mirror a majestic cruise liner dropping anchor on the estuary, Fairmont La Marina Rabat-Salé embarks guests on an unparalleled experience of luxury

Business travellers are not to be outdone. The hotel offers nine meeting rooms, including a VIP majliss, a majestic ballroom and seven board rooms. Thanks to the diversity of modular spaces equipped with leading-edge technology and an intuitive and passionate event planning service, the Fairmont La Marina Rabat Salé conference centre sets the stage for the community’s most anticipated events.

Within the core of this prestigious hotel are the craftspeople behind these moments: people who have been selected for their expertise and commitment to turn moments into unforgettable memories. Dedicated to this mission, each team member strives express their passion for the hospitality industry daily and to highlight the assets of this new must visit destination.


Address: La Marina, Av. de Fès, Rabat 11000, Morocco

Phone: +212 5378-20800

Website: all.accor.com/hotel/A7Z0/index.en.shtml

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