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When is a t-shirt not just a t-shirt? When it pushes the boundaries of fashion and functionality and goes far beyond what’s expected of it, of course. But does it actually exist? Until fairly recently, the answer might have been ‘no’ – but now, disruptive men’s fashion technology brand Fioboc, which is fast becoming known for its outside-of-the-box thinking, is making it its business to change all that.

Founded in 2019, just before the pandemic arrived a year later, creators Marcel and Ambrosino came up with the inspired concept when they realised there was a gap in the marker for the perfect men’s t-shirt.

While there’s no denying that the market is awash with t-shirts of all colours, sizes and fits, there still wasn’t one that would look as well placed at the gym or on long, hot summer evenings as it would at work or while away on business. And there certainly wasn’t one that was technologically advanced enough to withstand all of life’s little challenges, or that ticked all the right boxes when it came to performance and sustainability, either.

Fioboc might appear to be just any other fashion brand at first, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. All of its products are forward-thinking and innovative in a way that others are not, with technology always placed at the heart of its designs in order to make men’s day-to-day-lives easier as well as ensuring they look great at all times, too.

So, how exactly did it all come about?

“Before our t-shirts hit the market, we visited large numbers of clothing companies around the world to research what was currently available, and what might be possible,” says Marcel.  

“We spent years developing our custom yarns and fabrics, adamant that we wanted our garments to be durable and maintain their shape. We experimented with different fits, and all about what it takes to construct the perfect t-shirt.

“During our visit to fabric factories, we learned that the production process can waste considerable resources, and that pollution from textiles remains a problem. We knew that we didn’t want to contribute to this, so we chose to work only with fabrics and factories that have the health of our environment in mind. From there, we went on to custom engineer our own unique Fioboc fabric, which is blended with natural, eco-friendly bamboo fibres, sorona fibres and long-staple cotton. Fiobec is where tech redefines fashion.”

Fioboc Staingo tee and lotus effect

The short-sleeved, anti-oil, stainproof and water repellent t-shirt is one of the brand’s biggest show-stoppers to date, having adopted a unique Fioboc Hydrophobic stain-resistant technology on its surface that quite literally repels oils and spillages like milk, coffee, tomato sauce and other stubborn substances. So, if you’re the clumsy type who almost invariably spills something when they wear a white T-shirt, then this might just be a game-changer. If you are interested in its principle, they have an explanation about their technology. 

The inside of the fabric is comfortable and breathable, as well as being crease free (so if you also happen to hate ironing, then that’s another great box ticked).

There’s no denying it’s a standout product, and one that every man should have in his wardrobe – but it isn’t the only one in Fioboc’s range to exemplify expert craftsmanship, style and innovation. 

As the temperature begins to rise and we head quickly towards the summer, style conscious men will know all too well that sweat patches can quickly ruin even the most stylish of looks – which is where the brand’s innovative cooling t-shirts come in.

Created through a combination of exceptional craftsmanship and forward-thinking technology to keep overheating, they work by employing unique Jade-Ice Cooling Tech within their fibres to ensure optimal comfort, whatever the weather.

Fioboc’s cooling tee 

Tests have shown that Fioboc’s cooling t-shirt is actually able to reduce the body surface temperature, which is pretty impressive – and thanks to that comfortable combination of bamboo, long-staple cotton and Sorona fibres, it has the power to keep wearers dry and leave them free to focus on all the fun things that come with summer.

The fabrics chosen for this clever t-shirt haven’t just been chosen for their breathable and durable qualities – which are certainly worthy of note – but are also eco-friendly – something that is important to Fioboc. The brand prides itself on being committed to sustainable production and operations, which is pretty good to know when you’re shopping for fashion that looks good, but also does good.

Currently, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. If its growth continues along its current trajectory, by 2050, it could account for around a quarter of the world’s total carbon emissions. Fast fashion encourages overconsumption, and waste is having an impact on the environment – which is why Fioboc invests in quality fabrics and workmanship, as well as focusing on a combination of fashion and functionality.

Together, Fioboc’s t-shirts are the ultimate choice for elite men, with nine different styles available in total and including the short sleeved embroidered t-shirt, short-sleeved block colour t-shirt, the Henley and the Procket V-neck. While most are available in monochromatic white or black, some are also available in navy (the cooling t-shirt) and grey – in the exact shade Facebook bigwig Mark Zuckerberg is known to be a fan of.

Each is designed with a vast array of occasions in mind – from the casual to the formal – and features a flattering close fit and the instantly recognisable Fioboc logo. So, if you’re planning on investing in some new innovative, luxurious and eco-conscious t-shirts this year, then look no further. Also a great option for gifting, each purchase comes in a beautiful, environmentally friendly branded paper gift bag, with optional gift cards.

For Fioboc fans who are active on social media, joining the Fioboc Club is a no-brainer, and allows customers to redeem the money they spend on Fioboc attire by creating promotional content on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. The brand offers rewards of up to $100, depending on your performance statistics – which means more money to spend on the website and on kitting yourself out in the latest launches.

If you’re wondering if there’s anything different coming in time for the autumn months, then you’ll be pleased to know that Fioboc’s very first hoodies are set to launch imminently. Just like the brand’s t-shirts, they have been designed and produced fully in house by Fioboc’s fashion team – keep an eye on the website for more details, coming soon.

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