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The pleasure of Italian food and wine

Torciano restaurants are located in the best position ever, only 5 minutes from the highway connecting Florence to Siena and only 5 minutes from San Gimignano, offering the perfect refreshing stop before venturing in a visit of the marvelous city of hundred towers.

The restaurants, welcomes its customers in a raffinate atmosphere, where the guests find exclusive wines and fresh hand-made food to taste. We stand out for our flexibility as we can adjust our services to your timetable, for example, our wine tastings and meals can be very quick, if you have little time to visit many places.

The Taste of Tuscany

Discover the many delights of Tuscany’s wine country on food and wine tasting tour. Travel along beautiful hillside roads through vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees. Visit our 2 top-rated restaurants in the famed Chianti Classico region, tour the cellars and learn how wine is produced using traditional methods. Taste different wines, along with olive oil and Tuscan specialties like fresh cheeses and bruschetta, fresh hand-made pasta and the traditional Fiorentina Steak.

Every day in our restaurants you can enjoy simple and genuine dishes based on typical products of Tuscan cuisine, with a prevalence of products of local origin or of our own production, such as vegetables from our Tenuta Torciano farm. Bottega Torciano is the perfect place to spend a pleasant moment of relaxation with your family, friends and colleagues.

Local Food and Delicious Wines

Want to enjoy an evening of fine wine, good food and intimate atmosphere? Then join Torciano restaurants for a special night of Tuscany wine tasting and deliciously comforting Italian bites! In this experience, you will be guided on a tasting journey of speciality wines from Italy, each accompanied by a delicious food pairing.

Like all Italian cuisine, our Tuscan cooking is based upon using the most fresh and simple ingredients of the season including many legumes, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits.  Typical dishes are based upon what Tuscans find fresh and local at the market that week, making them often very easy to prepare and involving few ingredients. Although the food may be simple, it is rich in flavor, very hearty and quite filling.  All meals are served accompanied by the regional bread: a white, plain, unsalted loaf.

Also stemming from history, many Tuscan dishes were invented based on the principle of “waste not” such as ribollita – a tuscan vegetable and bread soup – and pappa al pomodoro – a tomato and bread soup.

Of course, we cannot talk about Tuscan cuisine and forget to mention the famous steak called “bistecca alla fiorentina”.  The Tuscan steak, which comes from a special cow breed, the Chianina, is served very rare alongside roasted potatoes and beans.

Live your unforgettable food experience in Italy!

Torciano restaurants are for everyone who loves high-quality products together with good wine! We cook our fresh pasta and Fiorentina steak very carefully based on our standards, exact timing and procedures. Together with a very wide selection of wines to the glass produced by Tenuta Torciano Winery in San Gimignano.

Torciano restaurants have been cooking up special something just for you, pairing thoughtful health and mediterrean diet with the italian hospitality you know and love. When you visit Tenuta Torciano, as we welcome you to experience our authentic italian cuisine, know that we’ve been working hard to provide a very excellent italian-class experience to match.

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