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A great complexion and glowing, healthy-looking skin has the power to make you feel like a million dollars, but for many, it isn’t always easy to achieve. Environmental stressors, such as UV exposure and air pollution, can wreak havoc throughout the year, leaving your skin feeling excessively oily, dry, or both, depending on the season. Then, there are skin concerns like acne, rosacea and eczema to contend with, and together, this host of obstacles can feel almost impossible to overcome alone.

With such a huge amount of choice on the market today, you can quickly and easily find all manner of luxurious lotions and potions that promise to solve your skin-related woes, but it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’, and it’s important to understand your skin type and its unique set of needs in order to achieve that radiant glow.

And of course, a little help from an expert always helps, too – which is why we’ve asked Dr. Jonathan Betteridge from luxury London aesthetics clinic, JB Aesthetics, to share some of his top tips to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

The ‘quick fix’ myth

Closeup ardent young woman with healthy clear skin and soft makeup looking at camera and posing beauty gesture
A great complexion and glowing, healthy-looking skin has the power to make you feel like a million dollars, but for many, it isn’t always easy to achieve

Let’s face it – we all want great skin. Your complexion often reflects your overall health, and when it’s glowing and dewy, you look – and usually feel – your best, so it’s natural to want a quick fix to improve your skin, and there are many people out there who will promise you just that. 

But are they legitimate? The answer, unfortunately, is no – there are no quick fixes when it comes to skincare. 

That’s why it’s so concerning to see the amount of misinformation floating around – and it’s easy to see why people get it wrong. Many of the leading online beauty bloggers currently promoting the latest luxury skincare products are being sponsored by the big brands behind them, and in some cases, recommend specific products for a payday – so if you’re looking to them for skincare advice, then it’s important to do some research and make sure you’re only following bloggers and influencers whose views and opinions you trust. Even then, it’s wise to bear in mind that what works for them might not work for you – particularly if you have a different skin type and an alternative set of skin concerns.

Great skin takes time, effort, and patience. Even if you are one of the lucky individuals blessed with great genetics, improving your skin isn’t an overnight process. 

The good news? Even small changes can bring about some incredible changes in your skin over time. If you start with these tips today, you’ll begin to notice big improvements in the coming weeks and months – but remember, consistency is key.

What doctors recommend for good skin

“As an aesthetics doctor, I treat hundreds of patients each year – I know what works and what doesn’t,” says Dr. Betteridge.

“While injectable treatments can provide dramatic results relatively  instantly, your skincare is an ongoing project. Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither is great skin, so here are the tips I recommend for my clients to help them get the best skin possible.” 

1. SPF is non-negotiable

Woman applying sunscreen
Hands down, the most important thing you can do for your skin is to protect it from the sun’s harmful ray

Hands down, the most important thing you can do for your skin is to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. The UVA and UVB rays beaming down on us might feel nice and make your skin turn a delightful colour, but make no mistake – by sitting or lying out in it for hours on end without protection, you’re destroying your skin. Then, there’s the very real threat of skin cancer to consider.

“Sun damage is responsible for many of the problems that people pay me to correct,” says Dr. Betteridge.

 “Wrinkles, laxity, and pigmentation are all caused by sun exposure, making you look older than your years. 

“If you want to look your youthful best for as long as possible, make sure you protect your skin with SPF 50 each day – even in autumn and winter. A foundation or concealer containing *some* SPF simply isn’t enough – you need to use a dedicated sun cream on your face and body every day.” 

What about indoors? If a plant can grow in your home, the sun’s rays are coming inside. With this in mind, Dr. Betteridge suggests using SPF even on the days you aren’t leaving your home. 

2. Invest in medical-grade skincare products that are proven to work

Prescribed skincare takes the guesswork out of your regime, so you’ll get real, long-lasting results

There’s no denying that you can find many beautifully packaged lotions and potions at high-end department stores and beauty shops, and the products themselves look and feel nice, too. But do they contain active ingredients that are scientifically proven to work? If not, then you could be wasting your time – and your money, too.

Dr. Betteridge explains: “As an aesthetics doctor, I have the ability to sell medical-grade skincare that is available only by prescription. Products like Zein Obagi Skin Health aren’t sold in stores – you can only get them from a licensed physician. 

“Rather than using the ‘latest and greatest’ products trending on social media, prescribed skincare takes the guesswork out of your regime. You’ll get real, lasting results instead of fancy packaging and celebrity endorsements. “ 

3. Cleanse gently but thoroughly – and say goodbye to harsh scrubs and face wipes

Smiling redhead girl with freckles washing her face, using cleanser, skin care gel after shower, standing over blue background
When it comes to cleansing, gently is always better

When it comes to cleansing, gently is always better. Some people see unwanted texture on their face and want to attack it with facial scrubs, hoping to ‘buff away’ the problem, but approaching the issue in such a way is a huge mistake. 

Harsh scrubs containing salt, sugar, charcoal, or other physical exfoliants can cause micro tears in your skin. Rather than healing and cleansing your skin, they can result in irritation, damage, redness, and even permanent damage. 

Dr. Betteridge says: “I advise my patients to avoid both these and face wipes whenever possible. Wipes may be convenient, but they pull at your skin, causing wrinkles and damage to your moisture barrier. I have seen patients with previously lovely skin destroyed by wipes. So, unless you’re camping or at a festival, give them a miss.” 

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