How to be merry and booze free this holiday season

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Christmas is coming. Chestnuts, turkey and the inevitable hangover, or multiple hangovers, are guaranteed, unless you’re one of the growing numbers embracing a non-alcoholic lifestyle. Just imagine, it’s the morning after the work Christmas bash and there’s no thumping headache, bank breaking bar receipts or morning after the night before panic. Sounds good doesn’t it.

For many people the obsession with looking good and feeling even better is making a huge dent in the amount of alcohol we consume. As healthy lifestyles are becoming more popular sales of traditional alcoholic drinks are declining and being replaced with a booming alcohol-free drink industry. The “low and no” movement is so popular that no longer are you stuck with watery zero alcohol beer or lime soda, but there’s a whole selection of options for the sophisticated teetotaller.

So, forget Stoptober or even Dry January, December is where to kick start your booze free lifestyle and here’s our pick of the best brands to guarantee a Merry, but not too Merry, Christmas!


Caleño offers a zesty tropical infusion created to be enjoyed in a similar way to gin or vodka and includes Inca berry, a signature garnish that derives from South America. The bottle design continues the South American vibe and adds some real character to those Christmas party drink options. Suggested serve: 50ml Caleño, twisted with 200ml of Indian Tonic Water.

Caleño is available from Sainsbury’s stores and online now, RRP. £18.

Duchess Alcohol Free Gin and Tonic

For those that want to take out the hassle of having to mix your own drinks, then Duchess Alcohol Free Gin and Tonic is the classiest of choices. Created through a re-distillation process, juniper berries are blended with tonic and then infused with botanical extracts.

Available in 6/12 x 275ml bottles, RRP £10.99 – £19.99.

Richard Juhlin Sparkling Rosé Alcohol


Let’s be honest Champagne is irreplaceable, but in Richard Juhlin Sparkling Rosé Alcohol Free goes a long way to getting close. Backed by world-renowned Swedish Champagne expert Richard Juhlin and made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, this elegant sparkling wine will bring sophisticated fizz to any Christmas.

Available in 750ml bottle, RRP £15.99.

Highball Ginger Dram Alcohol Free Cocktail


Another pre-mixed option based on a firm favourite of whiskey and ginger. A traditional highball classic perfect for the festive season, with ginger, spice and orange notes pairing with a rich flavour of a good quality whisky.

Available in 6/12 x 275ml bottles, RRP £10.99 – £21.99.

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