How to design a luxe nursery with style

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Picking out colours, fabrics and accessories for your little one’s bedroom is an exciting part of pregnancy. Striking a balance between stylish and tasteful is hard, especially when you’re opting for neutral colours or are limited with space.

Here, we compile five simple tips to give your nursery a luxe feel whilst also making sure it is bang on trend.

The process of designing a nursery is important and yet overwhelming, the colours and furniture you use will make a difference to your baby’s alertness and sensitivity

Quality over quantity

When choosing products, pour your money into higher quality, investment items that ooze quality. If you don’t want to opt for a high-end brand for every item, carefully select key ‘must have’ pieces of nursery furniture like a cot, changing table and armchair. As your baby grows up, you will likely redecorate or replace items anyway, so buying less but higher quality will save waste as well as give the room a high-end feel.

Hang art on the walls

From a piece of fine art to a hand-painted mural, incorporating artwork into your baby’s nursery will add a splash of character and creativity. Art doesn’t have to be overwhelming; it can be something as intricate as a tapestry or even a subtle frame. If opting for a feature wall, some brands allow you to tailor or even design your own patterns – a great way to inject your personality into your baby’s room. If the nursery has space, a large artistic ornament or figurine is a classic alternative to add a sense of sentiment and art to a nursery, without committing to transforming an entire wall.

From a piece of fine art to a hand-painted mural, incorporating artwork into your baby’s nursery will add a splash of character and creativity

Bring the outside in

There is no better way to add texture and layers to a room than with the magic of plants. Not only is greenery bang on trend at the moment, injecting real plants into a room is also good for your health, with a recent study by NASA revealing they can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins1. For those wanting a low maintenance approach, faux foliage is a great alternative and gives the same luxury look and feel to a room as real plants.

Don’t go overboard

When it comes to colours and patterns, less is more, but this doesn’t mean the room can’t have character. Use colour parsimoniously or opt for one feature wall, to avoid overwhelming the room with clashing colours. If you’re wanting to incorporate your baby’s gender into the room, you can do this with accessories to ensure it is subtle; this will drawer attention to spotlight items and avoids them being overcrowded with other colours.

A baby room design calls for a mix of stylish accents and a bit of playfulness

Space for grown ups

You will spend a considerable amount of time in the nursery during your baby’s first years, so it is important to ensure it’s also a space for you to relax and unwind. If there is sufficient space, add a statement armchair and bed side table as this will instantly add a sophisticated and grown up feel to the room. For a more traditional option, incorporate a rocking chair or chaise longues to give yourself somewhere to read or think, whilst also looking over your baby.

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