How to get the luxury barbershop experience at home this summer

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With lockdown measures now finally beginning to ease, many of us can’t wait to get a slot booked in at the barbers for a much-needed overhaul. Hair and beards across the country have been left to grow far beyond their normal lengths in recent months due to the ongoing closure of most businesses, so if you’re ready to revert to a more polished image in time for your big return to the boardroom, then now is the time.

With the pandemic still in full flow though, you may find yourself reluctant to return to normal too quickly, and remain keen to continue social distancing as much as possible. The good news? That doesn’t have to come at the price of a scruffy image, or making a bad impression on those potential investors. Believe it or not, it couldn’t be easier to get the luxury barbershop experience from the comfort of your own home, and with the right tools and products, you can recreate that suave and sartorially superior look yourself.

Even better, you can make it a relaxing and enjoyable experience, just like you would get if you went for a professional appointment.

Here are our picks of the best investments to help you recreate that traditional experience.

If you only invest in one product, make it a quality pair of clippers, as this is the best multi-tasker of the bunch

Best pair of clippers

If you only invest in one product, make it a quality pair of clippers, as this is the best multi-tasker of the bunch. The perfect tool for getting those sculpted back and sides as well as trimming your facial hair to optimum length, it’s versatile, quick and easy to use.

Look for a clipper offering the highest number of cutting strokes per minute to get the most bang for your buck – the Andis Professional Master is a good example, and is powered by a strong electro-magnetic motor that ensures an efficient performance. Check out WiseBarber’s best barber clippers round-up for more options.

Best straight razor

When it comes to getting a close shave, only a cut-throat will do. The Bluebeards Revenge’s Broadsword is a great example of an exquisitely made straight razor, featuring a 5/8 inch carbon steel hollow ground blade with a round point. Made by the famous Ralf Aust – who has been perfecting the art of creating the very finest shaving instruments for over 50 years – and featuring authentic embossing on the handle, it won’t just up-level your morning shave, but your bathroom aesthetic, too.

When it comes to getting a close shave, only a cut-throat will do

Best shaving brush

The key to a traditional barbershop shave is all in the brush. Opt for a premium hair-grade synthetic brush like the Muhle Silvertip Fibre 31M89 in chrome, which features seven different types of hair fibre to allow for a brush head that is uniquely soft and easy to manage, without compromising on backbone.

This brush produces a thick and creamy lather using a tiny amount of your favourite luxury shaving cream, making it super-efficient – and dries quickly, too.

Best shaving cream

Latherless shaving creams are a modern option that deliver a super slick surface for your razor to glide upon with ease, and typically feature a more natural ingredient profile, too. Opt for a luxurious formula like Jack Black Beard Lube to get that authentic barbershop feel.

If you prefer a more traditional cream, Aqua di Parma’s Barbiere Soft Shaving Cream is rich and soft in consistency and is perfect for whipping up a lather with your shaving brush. Infused with pomegranate seed oil, lemon oil, basil extract and hyaluronic acid, it promises a hydrating shave that protects your skin against razor burn and irritation. The result? Soft, smooth and refreshed skin and an utterly sharp look that is worthy of any barbershop chair.

The key to a traditional barbershop shave is all in the brush.

Best post-shave balm

Despite your best efforts, sometimes even the smoothest of shaves can result in a little irritation, so finishing your routine with a luxurious post-shave balm is essential.

Designed to calm and soothe the skin with ingredients commonly including aloe vera, a quality balm can quickly soothe any redness or razor balm, leaving you good to go. They also serve as an effective one-stop shop for men who are reluctant to get too involved in a comprehensive skincare regime, so if that sounds like you, then get yourself a high-end pick like the Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion. With a base of sandalwood, it’s lightweight and easy to apply. It’s also quickly absorbed, too, and leaves skin feeling soothed and invigorated for the day ahead.

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