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The Covid-19 pandemic has led many of us to take a more analytical interest in our health. Having been subject to nearly three years of viral outbreaks and scientific breakthroughs, one positive of the pandemic is that we’ve all become a lot more conscious of our physical health and how we’re really feeling – which, in turn, has resulted in big business for the top London wellness clinics. 

The demand for personalised, panoramic deep dives into the science behind our bodies and what we can do to optimise their function is on the rise, with the number of UK adults booking private clinics doubling every year since 2019. Luckily, the capital is home to a number of said clinics, offering bespoke solutions to chronic problems and new ailments – and they often don’t look too shabby either. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, sleek interiors and cutting-edge technology, these wellness centres definitely know a thing or two about science and service. Ready to step inside? Here are five of the best to book now, with plenty of privacy and exclusivity to put your mind at ease. 

The Soke, Chelsea and Wimbledon

Founded to answer the call for a state-of-the-art mental health clinic in the capital, The Soke is a sleek, stylish and comforting wellness centre on hand to help families, couples and individuals cope with an array of cognitive conditions. Offering a multi-disciplinary approach to treating depression, anxiety, eating and personality disorders, The Soke team comprises countless specialists, from psychotherapists to dieticians. It was founded by leading psychologist Maryam Meddin in 2020 and has been the first centre of its kind to receive an outstanding review from The Care Quality Commission, the regulator of health and social services. Earlier this year, The Soke opened its second London site in Wimbledon, replicating the same fashionable interiors and exceptional service clients know and love. 

Inside, Soke spaces look more akin to an opulent private members’ club than a wellness and therapy centre. Featuring soft lighting, large windows, plush sofas and oak coffee tables (decorated with the latest magazines and newspapers) and without a reception desk in sight, the atmosphere feels more like a welcoming lounge than a clinic. Private rooms are booked by therapists and counsellors, who are paid for their time rather than per appointment to ensure each client (not patient) is given the time they need. 


Lanserhof at The Arts Club, Mayfair

With outposts in Germany and Austria, Lanserhof traded its signature idyllic and isolated surroundings for the buzzy vibe of Dover Street when it landed in Mayfair in 2019. However, that doesn’t mean that behind closed doors the clinic is any less relaxing. A joint venture between the founders of The Arts Club and Dr Christian Harisch, CEO and owner of Lanserhof, the clinic has become one of the most popular in London for treating an array of ailments, from mental to physical, and biological to chemical. 

The huge space, spanning six floors thoughtfully created by Düsseldorf-based designer Ingenhoven Architects, has everything from a fitness-focused members’ club to Lanserhof Performance which analyses your body’s potential to produce a personalised nutritional and fitness plan. The third branch of Lanserhof is its medical clinic, which utilises preventative medicine and takes a holistic view of general health. Here, clients can receive advice on fasting, sleep and nutrition and book MRI scans, infusion therapies, physiotherapy and cardiology appointments. 

18 Dover Street, W1S 4LT, visit

BelleCell, St James’

bellecell london wellness clinics

Image: BelleCell

One for the science buffs, every personalised programme at BelleCell has molecular wellness at its core. Based on genetic and scientific information garnered from each client’s initial appointment – which often involves blood tests, exercise tasks and mental quizzes – the BelleCell team aims to help minimise cellular damage and improve regeneration to optimise health for the future. The clinic is the brainchild of bioscientist Kasia Zajkowska who wanted to offer the public medical-grade and science-backed treatments which were often only available to elite athletes, but are now accessible to those who wish to learn more about health optimisation. 

BelleCell offers an array of treatments, ranging from boosting immunity, reducing inflammation and improving sleep to more beauty-centric programmes such as weight loss via electric muscle stimulation and infrared therapies. The team looks at underlying causes, such as oxygen, hydration, nutrition, rest and exercise, to create bespoke biohacking techniques that can then maintain your results or help you achieve your goals. Trust us, it couldn’t be further away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach… 

21 Arlington Street, SW1A 1RN, visit

London Wellness, across London

london wellness centre

Image: London Wellness

What started as a family-run chiropractor has transformed into an all-encompassing health clinic at London Wellness, with outposts in Canary Wharf, Monument, Clapham and Marylebone. Equipped with the latest technology, clinics focus on orthopaedic medicine designed to relieve clients of discomfort, from babies to adults of all ages. The first appointment at London Wellness begins with a personalised assessment using muscle testing, postural analysis, detailed examination and a full medical history to plan next steps for treatment. Ranging from headaches and migraines to sciatic pain and pregnancy discomfort, the team uses an array of techniques – including chiropractic, chiropody, podiatry, deep tissue massage and sports rehab therapies – to target specific issues, delivered in a safe and welcoming space. 


Vivamayr, Mayfair

vivamayr wellness clinic

Image: Bettina Lorenzoni

Combining the latest technology and based on the scientific findings of Austrian physician FX Mayr, who believed in preventative medicine and diet, Vivamayr is all about gut health so prospective patients can expect a thorough cleansing and overhaul of their digestive system here. The flagship medical health resort is based on Lake Wörthersee in Austria, where on-site doctors and therapists provide patients with treatments that are adapted to individual needs during their stay. Aiming to replicate this, albeit on a smaller scale, in its Mayfair day clinic, Vivamayr maintains the sterling reputation achieved in Austria in the capital thanks to a team of founding staff delivering all treatments and consultations – so you can trust you’re in good hands. 

Led by Dr Ezgi Kacar – a medical doctor and holistic health coach specialising in modern Mayr medicine and nutrition – the Harley Street clinic offers intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia treatment (IHHT) to boost energy and immunity, as well as a range of laboratory tests and infusions to discover root causes of problems, including vitamin, liver, adrenal gland, antioxidant and mitochondria infusions. 

15 Harley Street, W1G 9QQ, visit

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