Introducing Mosso: Making outdoors great with bespoke living spaces

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Over recent months, society, globally has truly learnt to appreciate the outdoors. This might be due, in part, to the closing of the winter season and the gradual increase in good weather, but it is probably safe to say that this mass love for being outside has stemmed from our inability to leave our homes, thanks to the global lockdown.

But now, as we slowly settle into the summer season and governments relax their restrictions bit by bit, people are finding every excuse they can to take full advantage of their outdoor spaces, and with a renewed sense of appreciation for being outside, why not splash out and invest in these spaces as well to really turn them into something special? If that is the case for you, look no further than Mosso.

Mosso is a UK based company offering their customers prestige, bespoke outdoor living spaces of the highest quality. With the belief that an outdoor collaboration space can bring people closer together, Mosso designs and creates beautiful spaces immersed in the outdoors for homes, workplaces, and hospitality to inspire people.

When it comes to their residential endeavours, Mosso works collaboratively with your ideas and desires in order to design, supply and install outdoor living and dining areas tailored specifically to fit your lifestyle. And while the summer weather may be the inspiration for your outdoor renovation, Mosso products and layout designs are engineered for use all year round, making your outdoor space equally as enjoyable come winter. Customers are also offered a free design pack including project specific visualisation, perfect for those of you after a clear idea of the final outcome.

Bioclimatic pergolas


Whilst Mosso offer a variety of different products, their main product line is bioclimatic pergolas. This architectural feature can be installed as both a seamless extension of your property, opening up and enlarging a current space and integrating the pergola into your home, or as a stand-alone structure within your outdoor area.

Mosso pergolas are customisable and fit for installation into any area as they are designed with the intent of enhancing every architectural context. The pergola can be installed with automatic louvre blades, a retractable roof, LED lighting, glass or fabric sides and a heated floor, and is available in 38 different finish colours.

The bioclimatic design of Mosso pergolas helps to regulate temperature, provide ventilation, control brightness levels, and protect from sunlight and poor weather conditions within the structure.



The ability to work from home has become practically essential over the past few months and is likely to be increasingly desirable for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, why not utilise your outdoor space in the most useful and effective way by transforming it into your very own workspace or office? Save yourself a daily commute by purchasing or renting a Mosso structure specifically for this function.

Outdoor active

Mossi outdoor gym

If you are someone who loves to work out, or even someone who just wants to work out more, creating your very own outdoor gym may be all the motivation you need, and when the equipment is right in your back garden there really are no more excuses.

With many gyms shutting their doors to the public over recent months there has never been a better time to bring the gym to you. Allow Mosso to give you a truly personal gym experience in the luxury of a newly built, open-air workout area with retractable roof and sliding glass sides, customisable layouts and a wide range of equipment.

Additionally, Mosso will also provide you with your very own gym consultant who will work alongside you during the project to ensure you every need is met.

Outdoor dining and living

Mossi outdoor living

At Mosso, the outdoors is valued as a way of bringing people together, and one of the best ways to enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors is by creating the perfect bespoke space right in the heart of it for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

In a fully customised dining area featuring Mosso’s bioclimatic pergolas, AV systems, heated flooring and drinks bar, friends and family can experience food and company in the midst of a unique outdoor setting.

For a complementary feature alongside an outdoor dining area, or even as a space on its own, why not consider a living area as well? With modular structures that can be completely personalised, you can turn any outside area into a chic, elegant, simple or even dramatic space to unwind in during the day and night, and with Mosso’s range of durable and practical external furniture, a relaxing and comfortable living space can be right on your doorstep–literally.

Outdoor kitchen

Another great centre-piece for your space, and one that can really open up the rest of your home, is a compact, modular and completely customisable Mosso kitchen. Whatever your priorities are when it comes to cooking, a professional, top quality space set in the outdoors is sure to inspire some culinary magic. Explore the features offered by Mosso including a wide grill, sink, fryer, electric or gas hob and pizza oven to spark some inspiration.

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