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Anyone who takes pride in their home should not underestimate the power of lighting. The atmosphere that can be created from choosing the right type of lighting as well as the placement in each room or area of said illuminations can vary greatly, and getting it just right, so that you can not only enjoy each and every space to the full, but also achieve effortless style with your choice of fixtures and accessories, is a gift. 

Every room in the home serves a different purpose and so requires differing lighting styles, from functional spaces with good overhead and task lighting to comfort-inducing areas, where lamps and accent lighting come to the fore. 

Below, we’ve teamed up with lighting supplier Searchlight Electric to give you the basics on what lighting you need, as well as where in each room you can place it, for maximum impact and to create a high-end look and feel in your home.

Dining room

dining room

With lighting there isn’t one size that fits all approach, there are so many different styles and designs that are suitable for different settings. In the dining room you will be looking for lower luminosity to create a relaxing ambience while you dine – no one wants to enjoy a leisurely meal with family or friends under bright, harsh lighting. Opt for pendant lights above the table or a chandelier with a dimmer switch so that you have the option of creating a different atmosphere when required.


Entrance halls need to be fairly well lit, especially if there are no windows in the space or you have a solid front door with no glass to allow light through. Wall fittings or a single ceiling mount will suffice, just ensure that you consider space if your hallway is on the small side. Pendants and chandeliers should be avoided unless you have high ceilings and ensure switches are placed in the most convenient position for when you enter your home.

Living room

living room

Your living room will be an area where you will need to have a few different options if you want to create the right ambience, what’s more you will have the chance to be a little more creative with your choices here. Whether you choose ceiling pendants, wall lights, floor lamps, table lamps or a combination of the above, you will be faced with plenty of options of material, colour and design for your decorative lighting.

Some of the most popular designs of the moment include those that incorporate coloured and smoked glass, as well as materials like brass and soft fabrics. Be as bold or as subtle as you wish, just ensure your lighting complements the overall interior design of the space. 



Kitchens are a functional space in the home and you’ll need a variety of lighting options here, especially if you have a larger room. Ambient lighting – that illuminates the whole space – can be achieved with spotlights, while task lighting – where you prepare food – can be lit with pendants or undercabinet lights, depending on where you prepare your food. If you have an island or peninsula, pendant lighting is perfect for highlighting this area and you can add some stylish shades to tie in your decor. 



Light your bathroom well with ambient lighting that stands the test of time. Flush or semi flush ceiling lighting is best here as bathrooms are often small areas and so space is at a premium. Wall light fixtures placed either side of a mirror will provide you with sufficient illumination when getting ready for the day or preparing for bed, and automatic, low level night lighting saves you being dazzled when making middle of the night trips to the toilet.



A room where you will be keen to create a cosy atmosphere, your bedroom lighting should consist of some stylish options that are tailored to your needs. For your main lighting, a chandelier or wall lamps could be used to brighten the room, while a floor lamp above a reading chair, table lamps on your bedside tables and a reading light integrated on your bed frame will work wonders for this space.

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