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There’s nothing quite as satisfying for a keen cook as whipping a gourmet dinner for loved ones and having them proclaim it to be the best they’ve tasted. And any enthusiast in the kitchen will appreciate just how handy a fancy kitchen appliance or two can be when it comes to preparing these delicious meals and hosting glamorous gatherings, proving to be the perfect sous chef that is not only a great help, but making for a stylish addition to your kitchen too.

For the budding chef and keen dinner party host, we’ve narrowed down five of the very best luxury kitchen gadgets money can buy this festive season, whether you’re treating a loved to a lavish gift or buying something for yourself.

Stand mixer

stand mixer

Gingerbread cookies, decadent cakes and festive breads are much easier to make when you have a stand mixer. You can rest assured that the batter will turn out just as the recipe dictates, while toppings will be whipped to perfection, which all helps to make the final product taste and look great. Plus, with stand mixers by top-quality brands like Kenwood, you will be saving plenty of time, especially useful when mixing bread dough, because all you’ll have to do is place the ingredients in the bowl, turn on the mixer and let the magic happen.

Wine fridge

wine fridge

Wine enthusiasts can attest that a cold glass of the nectar is necessary with Christmas dinner, or most dinners for that matter, and where better to store an impressive selection of bottles than a wine fridge? Ensuring that your wine is sitting at the perfect temperature and ready for the cork to be popped at any given moment, wine fridges are made to maintain a specific temperature which helps the wine taste better and last longer. It’s no wonder that modern kitchens with a wine fridge are a statement piece most homebuyers look for.

Wood-fired pizza oven

It’s not an exaggeration to say that pizzas created at home and cooked in a pizza oven are the finest you’ll eat, and wood-fired versions are the cream of the crop. These ovens are specifically made to bake your pizza to perfection, with a gooey cheesy top, perfectly cooked toppings and crunchy edges, in just a few minutes.

The seasoned hardwoods used in these ovens give the pizza a smoky flavour which cannot be achieved with a convection oven. Furthermore, this oven helps to retain the freshness of the ingredients used, especially the vegetables and meats. Wood-fired ovens are durable and are a great investment because they last for ten to twenty-five years while giving the same great quality and taste to the pizza.

Soda maker

soda maker

For most of us, memories of our childhoods have fizzy drinks in them, and if you’re hoping to unlock the nostalgia for a certain someone, then a soda maker will make a great gift. Quickly turning plain tap water into a delightful fizzy drink, a soda maker will also look stunning on the kitchen counter. A wide variety of different flavours can be added to the carbonated water you make with your soda maker to create a tasty selection of drinks to sip on.

Top-notch coffee maker

coffee machine

Coffee with a dash of cinnamon is a cherished Christmas drink in many homes and when you purchase a premium coffee maker, you can get your fix of your favourite coffee drink this season. This appliance makes coffee-house quality coffee in just a few minutes, making it worth every penny and you can, of course, enjoy a range of delicious hot drinks year-round to suit your tastes. Gift it to a loved one who is a coffee lover and a keen host and you’ll no doubt be their new favourite person.

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