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From Easter to Mother’s Day, spring is a time of year that is filled with special occasions – and the perfect opportunity to come together, celebrate, and show the important people in your life what they mean to you. Traditionally a time of giving, it’s also a great chance to spoil people from afar this year if you’re unable to get together in person. But how do you find a present that says it all as well as you could yourself?

A truly memorable gift is one that takes into consideration a person’s tastes and interests, and is specifically tailored to them. The more thought you put into it, the more enjoyment they are likely to get out of it, so taking your time to find just the right gift is always a sensible way forward.

If time is something you haven’t got though, then look no further than modern online gifting boutique, JOHN & JACKIE – a modern one-stop-shop for unique, creative and customisable gifts, that might just have the answer. Sourcing high quality items from brands and artisan across the globe, this cute online store curates elegant luxury gift boxes that feature just the right balance of ethically sourced products with sophistication and flair – and makes sending meaningful gifts to the ones you love easier than ever before.

“Gifting is one of the five languages, used by so many people to communicate how much they love or appreciate one another, says Victoria Nguyen, founder and owner of JOHN & JACKIE. “That’s why we think gifting should be more than a generic card or gift from the store; it should be something custom and thoughtful, embodying all the love we have to give one another.”

Dedicated to making the gifting process simple and easy, JOHN & JACKIE allows you to choose everything from the box to the ribbon colour, as well as personalising hand-written notes. And, if you want to gift someone a present that will stay with them forever, you can even have it engaged with their initials or a special, meaningful message that comes straight from the heart.

Even better, you can build your own box, allowing you to hand-pick each and every product that goes into it. As with all gifts, it’s the thought that counts, and the extra time and effort you put into creating a special present they’ll love is bound to be appreciated.

So, what exactly can you put in these lovely boxes? Well, the good news is that there are some beautiful choices for every occasion. For baby showers, choose from a cute selection of babygros, sleepsuits and bootees – a beautiful gift for expectant mums. Jet-setting mums-to-be with love the adorable ‘Tiny Traveller’ box, which is the perfect package for baby’s first getaway. Featuring a sweet striped knit bodysuit, plus a pair of tiny beige suede moccasins, the package is rounded off with a tiny, hand-made wooden camera toy and multi-use swaddling blanket. It all comes in a beautiful keepsake box with a personal card – what could be more thoughtful than that?

For gifts to suit any occasion – from birthdays to anniversaries, there are a selection of beautifully made, ethically sourced products available to suit him or her. For her, you can curate a box filled with all of the most lavish luxuries in life, from sumptuous bath products to pretty tea sets and stylish silk scarves, while gifts for him include eco-friendly, minimalist water bottles, pocket squares and accessories that the sartorial man will love. Each box is impeccably and expertly packed to exude an air of sophistication that is certain to impress.

JOHN & JACKIE even partners with companies to create beautiful bespoke gifts for employees, thanking them for all of their hard work in a truly genuine way. Let’s face it, we’d all rather receive something a little more personal than the same box of chocolates as everyone else at the end of the year, and this handy gift service makes it easier than ever to celebrate and congratulate a job well done. You can even fill the boxes with some company-branded swag.

“Our full-service gifting studio is dedicated to making the gifting process simple and easy while maintaining a personalised touch”, says Victoria. “We offer elegant, ready-made gift boxes that are packaged to perfection and will have your gifting needs covered for any reason or season. At JOHN & JACKIE, we believe that the moments, people, and relationships that are meant to last, should be celebrated with gifts worth remembering.”

At LLM, we couldn’t agree more – the question is, who to buy for first?



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