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At 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, over 1,000 Feet in the sky you will find the newest landmark of what some call the greatest city in the world. New York’s Summit One Vanderbilt. 

Built on top of one of New York’s oldest and historic structures, The Grand Central Station began its build in 1871 and has been a pillar of transportation since it opened to the public in 1913. With 750,000 visitors every day, being the second most visited destination in New York City next to Times Square, The New Summit One might just help The Grand Central Station secure that number one spot. 

Summit One was built with a transcendent sensory experience in mind. With 3 rooms all entirely designed to convey unique experiences, you may rethink the possibilities of creation. 

Air, designed by Kenzo Digital for Summit One Vanderbilt - Interactive Art and Observation Floor above Grand Central New York City
Air, designed by Kenzo Digital for Summit One Vanderbilt

“Air” a room filled with magical mirrors as walls and floors was designed by Kenzo Digital, an artist and native to New York City. His goal was to “create a space where the intoxicating sense of aspiration and inspiration that New York gives me is shared with you” he says in an interview with the Summit One publication. It is sure to reset and refuel your sensory experience.

The next experience, “Levitation” is a unique set of transparent elevators positioned on the outside of the building. As you climb the 1,000 foot structure in a “skybox’, you are experiencing the only place in Manhattan where you can view Madison Avenue directly below, says Jason Hackett, Senior Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing at Summit One Vanderbilt. He also states that on a clear day and or night, you might also be able to see the major airports! 

If that’s not enough of a thrill, then you can journey even further with “Ascent” another transparent elevator journeying even higher up along the building bringing you to the greatest heights possible in the Summit One Vanderbilt experience.

Ascent Glass Elevator at Summit One Vanderbilt
Ascent Glass Elevator at Summit One Vanderbilt
New York’s Summit One Vanderbilt City View Experience
Courtesy of Summit One Vanderbilt

With many more features, like Transcendence, a room where images are recreated and mirrored on panels of glass, displaying breathtaking views of New York City seen like never before. The sights are reflected on glass mirrors, structured similarly to the grids of Manhattan. You might just see upsidedown skyscrapers with clouds flying above them! Think that’s amazing, just wait until nighttime when colored lights illuminate the room creating a cosmic experience like no other.

With all that being said, who could have this magical experience in New York without the city’s famous cuisine and beverages! That’s where Après comes in. An open air terrace and indoor lounge where you can gaze at the sights of the city high above and enjoy the global flavors exclusive to Summit One by Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events. 

All ticket prices can be found on the Summit One website. Summit foundation has gone even further to donate 1% of ticket sales to partner charities.

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Summit One Vanderbilt at Night
Summit One Vanderbilt at Night

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