Rain or shine: The best waterproof jackets for men

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Rain mac, anorak, parka… Whatever you call it, a waterproof jacket is an absolutely essential bit of kit to have in your wardrobe – especially with the unpredictable UK weather. And whether you want to make a style statement on this year’s festival circuit, look sharp on your next camping trip or just make it to the office without getting your suit soaked, there’s a waterproof jacket for everyone.

Of course, your choice should be based on what you will wear the most often, and what will go with your existing wardrobe, but there are a few things to consider when buying a waterproof jacket. Firstly (and this may seem obvious, but it can be surprisingly hard to tell), check that your coat of choice is actually waterproof. This means looking out for rubber rain macs and shells with water-resistant properties – Gore-Tex is usually a safe bet here – or you’ll end up damp and dissatisfied once the heavens open.

Secondly (and this is more important if you’re planning to wear yours year-round), opt for a breathable shell which can be worn over warm base layers in winter, rather than a padded down jacket that will leave you sweltering once temperatures rise. Those with vents and detachable or hidden hoods work especially well for all-year use as they offer you the option to increase airflow and stay cool while keeping you sheltered from the elements.

Luckily, there’s never a shortage of practical waterproof jackets ready for Brits to buy, and with the growth of Gorpcore – an aesthetic characterised by a penchant for functional outdoor wear – in the street style consciousness, they’ve never been more stylish. So, where to start? Read on for our pick of the best waterproof jackets for men to buy now and wear all year.

BARACUTA Logo-Appliquéd Shell Jacket

Sounds Italian, right? Yes, but no. Baracuta is actually a British brand famous for inventing the G9 Harrington jacket, beloved by everyone from Steven McQueen and James Dean to Brad Pitt and Elvis Presley. The company has been around since 1937, as this lightweight, Varsity-inspired, water-resistant jacket proudly displays on its chest.


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BURBERRY Reversible Vintage Check Jacket

Burberry never goes out of fashion, and while the popularity of its archive beige check has ebbed and flowed the tartan print is very much in right now. This reversible, 100 per cent polyester number gives you the option of switching between an all-black outer-shell or full-on Burberry check. Face the rain as you see fit.


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NIKE ACG Cinder Cone Nylon-Ripstop Hooded Jacket

You’re not going missing in this neon orange rain jacket from Nike, are you? The sport brand’s ‘Cinder Cone’ collection is inspired by Hawaii’s volcanic landscape – with the colour of this jacket presumably sparked by lava itself. It’s hot. It’s also cut from lightweight, windproof and water-repellent nylon-ripstop, meaning its easy to pack and will withstand rain, sleet and snow. Probably not lava, though.


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Stone Island 82/22 removable-liner ripstop cape

From the terraces to the runway to the stage, Stone Island has become the cult brand of a smorgasbord of subcultures, its logo adopted by everyone from high-fashion front-rowers to rock-stars to rappers. Perfect for the inevitable festival downpour, this ripstop cape features a water-repellent, crinkled finish and a removable liner for when the sun eventually comes out. Oh, and that compass logo, obviously.


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LORO PIANA Haston Wool-Twill Hooded Jacket

Twill fabrics feature a diagonal channel, like you see on corduroy. They are hardwearing, versatile and good at hiding stains – making them the go-to fabric for work-wear. It took Loro Piana 20 years to develop its trademarked Storm System®, a treatment that’s applied to a special wool-twill to make the material completely waterproof, yet still soft and warm. If Loro Piana did rain jackets, essentially.


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Mackintosh A-LINE TORRENTIAL packable coat

Mackintosh is to wet-weather gear what Hoover is to vacuum cleaners. Due to its rain-beating popularity, the ‘mackintosh’ may now function as a common noun to denote a whole host of waterproof outerwear, but Mackintosh is actually the name of a brand that pioneered a waterproof fabric in the 1820s. So, who better to turn to for a serious, tried-and-tested rain jacket?


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MONCLER Diadem Windbreaker Jacket

The first name in extreme weather wear – well, luxury extreme weather wear, anyway – Moncler has been taking on the elements, and winning, since 1952. Keep dry in this Diadem windbreaker jacket, which has been designed to keep the weather out and you looking on-point, even when you’re facing a hailstorm halfway up a mountain.


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KENZO Appliquéd Cotton-Twill Jacket

Beat the rain with this insignia-festooned collegiate-meets-sailing-club jacket from Paris’ streetwear supremo Kenzo. Riffing off work-wear, skate-wear and varsity-wear, this water-resistant piece of kit is all things to all people. As at home on the streets of London as the yacht clubs of Cowes. OK, maybe more the streets of London.


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