Republican Party re-nominates Donald Trump as presidential candidate

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Washington: The Republican National Convention formally re-nominated President Donald Trump as the party’s presidential candidate Monday for the November 3 election. Donald Trump, 74, faces a formidable challenge from former Democratic vice-president Joe Biden, 77. Trump is scheduled to deliver his acceptance speech from the South Lawn of the White House, August 27.

The once in four-year GOP (Grand Old Party) convention is being held in virtual mode due to the raging coronavirus pandemic. A small part of the official business of the convention is being held at Charlotte in North Carolina. Trump was re-nominated following a roll call of votes from elected Republican Party delegates from all the 50 States.

Vice-President Mike Pence, 61, was also re-nominated as the running mate of Trump. He made a surprise appearance at Charlotte where the roll call vote was done. He will deliver his formal acceptance speech Wednesday.

“We will be taking our case to the American people this week,” Pence said soon after he and Trump were re-nominated by the party. “It’s going to be four more years. We are going to make America great again,” a confident Pence said.

Earlier, Trump’s re-election campaign released a set of core priorities for a second term under the banner of ‘Fighting for You!’

Trump’s boundless optimism and certainty in America’s greatness is reflected in his second-term goals and stands in stark contrast to the gloomy vision of America projected by Biden and Democrats, the Trump campaign said.

Among top promises made by the Trump campaign for the second term included creating 10 million new jobs in 10 months, developing a vaccine for coronavirus by year end and return to normal in 2021.

The Trump campaign has also pledged to bring back one million manufacturing jobs from China, tax credits for companies that bring back jobs from China, no federal contracts for companies who outsource to China and hold China fully accountable for allowing the coronavirus to spread across the world.

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