SHL Asia: Personalized Design Through Desa Kala Patra Philosophy

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The formula for ideal design and architecture is individual to each creator and collective. And it seems that SHL Asia has found its unique combination to present to the world in each project a stylish and sophisticated space that embodies the perfect balance of form and content, a place that itself creates a distinct atmosphere and inspires everyone who enters it. This effect is felt not only by the company’s clients but also by industry experts familiar with their portfolios. This was the case with the Luxury Lifestyle Awards which praised SHL Asia’s work and recognized it as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Architect Studio in Indonesia.

SHL Asia was launched in 2010 when Sasta Jelantik and Jung Yat, colleagues in an international design studio, decided to start their own company in order to realize their creative vision to the full. Sasta Jelantik and Jung Yat shared a common interest in art, architecture, and design that emerged from their childhood and was instilled by their families. Their talent and passion for creativity contributed to their valuable experience and success in the design studio, but their desire for complete freedom led them to create a studio that has deservedly become one of the best design and architecture studios in Asia.

Over the years, the SHL Asia team has been enriched by a diverse and creative group of individuals who share a common goal and are grounded in the principles of Desa Kala Patra. Quoted from their latest published book, Timeless Harmony, Desa Kala Patra is an ancient Balinese philosophy that portrays the flexibility of Balinese society to respond to a certain place (Desa), a certain time (Kala), and a certain condition (Patra). The philosophy becomes their foundation in creating a design that is personal in response to the dream of each client with the element of local culture, art and nature that will add value to each design experience.

The uniqueness and elegance of each project in the SHL Asia portfolio would not be possible without a special approach of the company’s culture, MERCI which stands for Mindset, Empathy, Research, Collaboration and Integrity. In an effort to capture and realize the client’s dream, the team starts working on the project from scratch. In the process of communicating and interacting with the client and getting to know his or her vision in detail, the SHL Asia team gains an understanding of what needs to be created. Through MERCI, they give birth to a sublime design that complements the story and creates valuable memories and emotions for the client.

This synergy of the vision and wishes of the client, the creativity of talented designers and engineers, as well as the natural and cultural heritage of Bali leads to the birth of modern architecture and design that is enriched with the value of Indonesian and Balinese culture, art, and nature. Throughout Asia, you can find luxury hospitality and residential projects with exquisite architectural, interior design, landscaping, and lighting solutions that feature SHL Asia’s unique style.

Thus, SHL Asia realizes the natural uniqueness and creative contribution of each project participant in the integral, meaningful, and emotional outdoor and indoor spaces, combining beauty and functionality, and providing memories and inspiration.

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