South Korean JOHO Architects Showcase the Value of Insightful Architecture

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Congratulations to JOHO Architecture on its recent awarding of the prestigious.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards title of Best Luxury Commercial Architecture for EL16.52 in South Korea. The award recognizes JOHO Architects as the best in class in the country following the firm’s completion of outstanding work on the newly designed café.

JOHO Architects is a Seoul-based architecture and design lab specializing in the conceptualizing of innovative design work that challenges the boundaries of traditional architecture. Established by founder and principal architect Jeonghoon Lee in 2009, JOHO Architects is at the forefront of forward-thinking design work.

The firm is the name behind some of the leading architectural work in South Korea, with Lee known for his pursuit of new Korean topographical features and architectural identity based on form and façade that harmonize with the site’s context. In 2010, Lee was awarded the coveted Korea Young Architect Awards title by the then Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the government of Korea for his representative work, entitled Herma Parking Building. Since then, Lee and JOHO Architects have won several other awards, including in Austria, the UK, the USA, Germany, Italy and elsewhere.

JOHO Architects is adept at reviving traditional Korean spaces through the use of patterns and repetitive units composed of easily affordable raw materials that can be sourced locally. With respect to EL 16.52, Lee explains that “the task of engaging the concept of strata as accumulated layers of time as part of the architectural context necessitated that the circulation of the upper and lower levels of the strata be materialized through an illustrative emblem, which could be systematically applied as a pattern. This insightful approach to design is precisely why Lee and the JOHO Architects were awarded the title Best Luxury Commercial Architecture for EL16.52 in South Korea.

“Winning the Luxury Lifestyle Award is a career highlight for us this 2022. As the award recognizes excellence, it is a privilege to be associated with the award and indeed to be counted among the recipients of such an honor. We are very pleased and proud to have been awarded for our work on EL 16.52”, comments Lee.

Earlier in 2022, Lee won the MMCA Gwacheon Project for his proposal to create a large-scale architectural installation on the rooftop of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province. The MMCA Gwacheon Project is organized by the national art museum to revitalize the Gwacheon venue’s outdoor space. Lee is a graduate in the field of B.A. Architecture and Philosophy (SungKyunKwan University, South Korea) and has further qualifications in architectural materials (Nancy School of Architecture, France) and architectural theory (Paris Lavillette School of Architecture, France).

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