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“They work! And I mean really work,” exclaims celebrity facialist and nutritionist Vivienne Talsmat when I ask her about what makes her smoothies so popular. “There isn’t a single night I don’t go to bed and get one or two emails or DMs telling me the most wonderful things that are happening to someone that’s taking the Rejuva|Formulas.

Aside from her warmth, the first thing I notice about Vivienne upon meeting her in her Fulham venue is her absolutely flawless skin. Before my facial, we sit down and chat like old girlfriends despite having only met minutes earlier. We speak about our travels, the things we love about London, and naturally, the conversation flows to health and nutrition.

Vivienne believes in a holistic health and wellbeing regime that nourishes from the inside out. She regularly features on television and in magazines sharing her expertise on everything from eating better to anti-ageing secrets. Her passion for nutrition eventually led her to developing her Rejuva|Formulas, a nutrient-rich line of organic plant-based products that support weight loss, muscle toning, and detoxing.

I visited Vivienne that day to experience her Rejuva/Radiance Gold facial; a 75-minute session that combines Vivienne’s unique techniques with products by Kat Burki. Upon entering the treatment room, I see that Vivienne has created an atmosphere that is calm and inviting; crystals and singing bowls are placed on the bed before me and Vivienne even said she wanted to match the blankets and towels she used to the top I was wearing. Vivienne analysed my face and also took note of the problem areas I mentioned.

Vivienne Talsmat is one of London’s leading health and beauty gurus, beloved by celebrities, royalty and sports personalities alike

The Gold facial included deep cleaning and the use of a derma roller to promote skin repair. My absolute favourite part of Vivienne’s tailored facial was her massage. “Most people sleep and say it’s like they went to a three-day spa break when they come around again. I’d love one of my own facials!” says Vivienne. And I don’t blame her! Her unique techniques utilise learnings from both the East and the West.

I’ve come to realise that we often spend a lot of time and money on the things we put on our skin but forget about the inner workings of the facial muscles and the how everything beneath the surface contributes to how we look on the outside. “A lot of tension is held in the face and neck and that is one of the key areas we work on; for over an hour we’re just realigning the jaw and plumping the cheeks and lifting the eyes,” explains Vivienne.

After my facial, I feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and immediately notice that, not only is my skin glowing, but it indeed looks plumper and my eyes and cheeks look lifted as well. Extremely satisfied with the results, I chat with Vivienne to find out more about how she developed her programmes and find out her secrets to feeling and looking young.

Your clients are obsessed with your smoothies. What makes them so successful?

They are in a food state, meaning the body accepts them as complete absorbable nutrition. We use wild-crafted and organic ingredients where possible and each one has a function and it does what it says it’s for. And then it does so much more. It was just the most gratifying discovery for me; to know that I had a transformative effect on people’s health and well-being, not just one-on-one in the clinics, but I never imagined people would get such dynamic results without ever meeting me, and that they would have such a reach world-wide. It has made me so much more creative with the formulations. 

Vivienne Talsmat has been providing life-changing advice on how to eat, look and feel better for many years

You use a combination of Eastern and Western techniques in your facials. Could you explain this to me a bit more and why you think it is key to utilise both? 

Eastern facial massage has an ancient history; most techniques have been passed down through the family like an heirloom. They focus mainly on the health of the body via facial diagnostics, such as reflexology, which is a powerful healing tool for putting the body back in balance via the nerve endings relaying to the organs.

They also end in the face and the head, so I can detect stagnation and blockages for the digestive and intestinal organs and correct imbalances. It also works with Chi and meridian points so there is always a raise in energy levels for days, if not weeks afterwards. With the Western techniques, it is more about drainage, removing fluid and puffiness and relaxing the nervous system. Again, with the Western learnings, we also use the peels and the dermal rollers and wonderful pure and highly active Vitamin C formulas. I have always been a fan of Vit-C.

Nutrition is something you are passionate about. What are some of the dishes you eat on a typical day?

I always start the day with one of my Rejuva|Formulas depending on how I feel or what I am doing that day, or even how my skin looks. I know what goes in them and love that I created them. I rarely miss a day without them. I’ve come to notice the undervalued benefits of a great salad, one loaded with veggies and not just lettuce or tomatoes, and I make amazing homemade soups. I crave fruits daily and I love fresh, simply cooked fish, but with a wonderful citrus dressing.

If someone wants to obtain a healthier lifestyle, what are the three things they can change in their diets?

Our biggest problem in today’s health challenges are Frankenstein foods. I am horrified when I look at the labels of so-called healthy vegan foods, especially. When I was vegan, I cooked everything from raw real foods, but now everything is made with starches, tapioca, potato, heavy oils, and sugars. It is all so hard for your body to digest.

1. If it grows on a tree, it can be pulled out of a bush or pulled from the ground to eat, treat this food as sacred. If it is made in a lab with a list of chemicals, avoid it.

2. Cut back on all sugars, except fresh seasonal fruit.

3. Eat peacefully. Save your big digestion meal for when you get home, with your family, and not in front of the TV. 

Tucked away in a discreet location in Central London, Vivienne Talsmat’s clinic is one of the best-kept secrets in the capital

Where is your favourite place in London to go for a healthy, delicious meal?

London is the hardest place in the world to choose one restaurant. It is an avalanche of divine cuisine. One of my top is L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Covent Garden – every dish is an act of love and a work of art. A wonderful chef died last year so I dedicate my favourite restaurant to his genius. I think they will be open in Mayfair, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

What is the number one mistake people make when it comes to skincare?

Overdoing it. Chopping, changing, and following the latest fad. Using stronger and stronger products. Keep it clean and keep it simple. Just three to four products and definitely Vit-C.



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