The best new films and TV series to stream in April 2023

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April isn’t traditionally a time to get cosy on the sofa. It’s a month of lengthening days, spring sunshine and the first barbeques of the year. But, given that winter has now lasted for approximately 834 weeks, who knows if we’ll actually see any rays this month. Best, then, to have a great new film or TV series in your back pocket.

Happily, Netflix, Amazon, Disney, et al, are all set to over deliver this month, with the return of some heavy hitters and a host of brilliant new original programming that can be relied upon to brighten up even the most dismal Sunday afternoon. Here’s our guide to the best new films and series to stream in April 2023.

Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now, Netflix

Chances are you knew this Capaldi-centric documentary was coming, not because you’re a huge fan of the crooner’s ballads, but because billboards up and down the UK mistakenly promoted it using a picture of a young Liz Truss. Blunders by the Netflix marketing department aside, if you were a fan of similar projects by the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande, you’ll find much to love here.

Following Capaldi during the making of his second album, the singer’s famously witty, down-to-earth personality shines through in this honest appraisal of the highs and lows of his stratospheric rise to fame.

Out: 5 April 2023

Schmigadoon! Season 2, Apple TV+

It’s likely this warm-hearted musical parody flew under your radar like, let’s be honest, most of Apple TV+’s programming. If you’ve yet to activate your three-month free trial, there’s plenty to blitz through this month – our recommendations: Severance, Servant, Slow Horses and Schmigadoon! (we’ll let you know if they ever commission something that doesn’t start with an ‘S’).

The latter is returning for its second season, reprising a cast of stellar musical theatre pros including Keegan-Michael Key, Ariana DeBose, Alan Cumming and Kristin Chenoweth, for this offbeat tale of two New York doctors who find themselves trapped in Schmigaddon – a town perpetually stuck in a Golden Era musical.

Out: 5 April 2023

Beef, Netflix

A dark comedy created in a collaboration between A24 and Netflix and starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun? You best believe our expectations are sky-high. Happily, early reviews of Beef predict we won’t be disappointed, with The Guardian already pegging it for best-of-the-year lists. Beginning with a road rage incident between Yeun’s down-on-his-luck handyman Danny and Wong’s bougie artist Amy, this wickedly funny show examines the fallout as each seeks to exact revenge for the titular ‘beef’, with the effects ricocheting through every part of their lives.

Out: 6 April 2023

Colin From Accounts, BBC Two

This Australian comedy from husband-and-wife team Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer premiered in its homeland in December 2022 and, as of writing, maintains a 100 per cent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Which should be proof enough that it’s worth tuning in for when Colin From Accounts comes to BBC Two/iPlayer this month. The premise may sound played out – two young, beautiful but unlucky-in-love people are thrust together when one is distracted by the other and hits a dog with his car – but this show is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Out: 11 April 2023

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5, Prime Video

April will see the world wave goodbye to the beloved Mrs. Maisel for the final time as the last season of her eponymous show airs on Netflix. Rachel Brosnahan returns in the titular role which, after rebuilding her career and reputation in Season Four, finds Midge Maisel closer than ever to achieving her ambitions of musical stardom – or is she?

Out: 14 April 2023

Ghosted, Apple TV+

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas reunite for this action-comedy about a down-to-earth everyman who finds himself enthralled by the enigmatic Sadie only to discover before their second date that she is, in fact, a secret agent. International hijinks ensue. Also starring Adrien Brody and Amy Sedaris, the screenplay comes from Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Expect slick dialogue and even slicker action set pieces.

Out: 21 April 2023

Dead Ringers, Prime Video

A remake of David Cronenberg’s 1988 thriller, this six-part miniseries substitutes Jeremy Irons for Rachel Weisz as twin gynecologists Elliot and Beverly Mantle who share everything – including a willingness to perform ethically-unsound procedures in an effort to progress women’s healthcare. Prime Video has remained tight-lipped about the series but, given the trailer sees one of the twins drenched in blood, we’re willing to bet things don’t go as smoothly as planned.

Out: 21 April 2023

Sweet Tooth Season 2, Netflix

It’s been nearly two years since the first season of this strange, sweet dystopian drama aired with prescient timing at the height of lockdown. And, while you might think the world would have had its fill of pandemic-induced apocalypses, apparently we’re gluttons for punishment. Sweet Tooth, however, is a little bit different to the standard zombie fare. Following a half-human, half-deer child as he searches for his mother, Season Two of this comic book adaptation will see Gus and his fellow hybrids attempt to escape the captivity of the evil General Abbot and his Last Men as another wave of the Sick sweeps through the remaining survivors.

Out: 27 April 2023

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