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The past several years have seen an unprecedented boom in the aesthetics industry, with over 59 per cent of adults comparing undergoing a cosmetic procedure to receiving a haircut, as reported via VICE by SaveFace, the expert in aesthetic treatments who aim to provide information on safe and medically qualified practitioners for those looking to undergo cosmetic procedures.

With treatments such as Botox and lip filler becoming frequently more in demand, and practitioners becoming more readily available, it can be difficult to know what to look for when choosing your practitioner. LLM – Luxury Lifestyle Magazine contributor Layla Turner spoke to Dr. Bob Khanna, a global expert in aesthetic treatments, on what to look for in a practitioner, and the do’s and don’ts of getting filler.

If you google ‘lip fillers in London’, you’ll be met with thousands upon thousands of results, each with different companies and individuals promising to shed years off your looks, or give you the perfect pout. Often referred to as the ‘Doctor’s Doctor’, Dr. Khanna is a trusted practitioner who carries out several procedures every day, ranging from facial fillers to more complex body treatments.

“Throughout the years of owning my business, I have gained the reputation as a global expert in aesthetics – with experience spanning over three decades. I have innovated many new techniques and concepts within the world of aesthetic medicine – many of which are used by practitioners over the globe – and many of my patients are actually doctors themselves,” he said.

When asked if he thought celebrity culture added to the rise in popularity of treatments such as lip filler, there was no hesitation in Dr. Khanna’s response.

Dr Bob Khanna Image
Dr. Bob Khanna is a global expert in aesthetic treatments

“More times than I can count, someone has come to me with a picture of a Kardashian telling me they want lips like that. Most of the time these results won’t suit the customer, though little practitioners are actually willing to tell a client this – which is why we see so many ‘botched’ results, especially when it comes to lip filler.

“I also put a lot of this down to the popular Russian lip technique – again, a very famous lip filler trend on social media, but in actual fact, this technique requires multiple punctures into the lip, which make it far easier to cause damage to the arteries and blood supply of the lips, often causing extreme swelling, bruising and even necrosis, otherwise known as premature tissue death.”

It’s for reasons like the above that the UK is campaigning for a change in the laws regarding cosmetic treatments such as filler, meaning that soon only individuals that hold a medical qualification will be able to administer the treatment, whilst at present, anyone who undergoes a training certificate can call themselves a practitioner – sometimes only after one or two days of training.

“It is a great concern of mine to find so many people offering these procedures without the necessary background education and training. This is 100 per cent the reason for an increase in maltreated cases and complications, and is something that I am actively campaigning against as the first training provider to be approved by the Royal Society Of Public Health,” he explained.

When choosing a practitioner, there are three key things that customers should look out for, according to Dr. Khanna. He told me: “I would always recommend choosing a licensed doctor, dentist or medical nurse who has been appropriately trained in facial aesthetics. I would also encourage the customer to go by recommendations, and to look at actual results via website or social media. Ask as many questions as you can before the procedure, and if the answers lack conviction or knowledge, I would think twice before committing to any treatment – it’s not worth it.”

DrBK Clinic staff
DrBK Clinic is located in Reading

Once a consumer has booked in for their lip filler treatment, there are several things to think about both pre- and post-procedure.

Dr. Khanna explained: “Ideally, and for optimum results, alcohol consumption needs to be limited at least 48 hours in advance of getting lip filler in order to avoid excessive bleeding and bruising. Also avoid lip biting, as this will affect the final outcome. Post treatment, guests should avoid excessive temperatures, smoking and touching of the area.

“Always remember, final results are not immediate – swelling and bruising is completely normal, and can only be helped with the careful use of arnica and vitamin K cream as well as regular icing – though there is no substitute for a good technique.”

As with any facial procedure, it’s important to remember that although procedures are becoming more and more readily available, they are, in fact, permanent.

Dr. Khanna said: “Depending on the quality and thickness of the product used, results of filler will last up to twelve months, depending on the patient’s metabolism. In my opinion, dissolving should only be done when there is a complication, and should not become a routine treatment – hence why it is so important to find a well respected clinician.

“I approach each case combining artistry with science and my goal is always to improve the patient using a holistic, honest and caring approach. I am a perfectionist by nature, so will never accept substandard outcomes. If this is the type of care you are looking for then you are most welcome in any of my clinics.”

Dr. Bob Khanna offers a range of procedures at his clinics, including facial aesthetics and laser and body treatments. Prices of lip filler start at £650, following a consultation redeemable against treatment cost.

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