The Elemental: The Noble Panacea product set to revolutionise your skincare regime

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Skincare can be daunting. There are so many options out there that it’s difficult to know where to start. Well, how about at the beginning? The latest launch from Noble Panacea – The Elemental Cleansing Balm & Exfoliating Refiner – is the ideal jumping-off point, covering off steps one and two in any good beauty routine.

As the name ‘The Elemental’ suggests, this two-step product provides the building blocks of effective skincare: cleansing and exfoliating. These introductory stages help you achieve what Noble Panacea calls ‘skin initialisation’ – pre-routine ‘initialisation’ is so important, in fact, that it becomes a treatment within itself.

So, let’s start at the very beginning: the Cleansing Balm. Simply apply to dry skin and gently massage onto the face, neck, and eye area, then rinse. The silky balm melts into an oil which then transforms into a milky emulsion with water – the formula contains oil octet, which captures and removes makeup and pollutants, almost like a magnet to impurities. Other ingredients include rosehip seed oil to even out the skin tone, papaya seed oil to brighten skin, jojoba seed oil to rebalance the skin barrier, and black cumin seed oil to detoxify.

Then, the Exfoliating Refiner: press into skin with the fingertips or swipe across the skin with a pad. This formula also contains valuable natural ingredients like niacinamide, which minimises the appearance of pores, and rosa damascena flower water, which helps balance the skin’s PH.

Most importantly, however, the Exfoliating Refiner releases powerful AHAs and PHA, which are among the most-touted chemical exfoliants in the industry. The product clarifies and refines texture; clinical results have found that, after use, the skin appears smoother and brighter, and that the appearance of dark spot pigmentation is improved.

Noble Panacea is all about the science behind beauty – the brand was founded by a Nobel laureate. The Cleansing Balm & Exfoliating Refiner is powered by OSMV™ Technology, which is, in a nutshell, a system for delivering active ingredients to your skin (you can read all about it here).

noble panacea the elemental cleansing balm

OSMV™ ensures that ingredients are maximally protected at a molecular level, preserving their integrity so that full potency is unleashed upon application. The technology also has the ability to control the level, sequence, and period of time over which each ingredient is released to the skin; this enables long-term microdosing which means that ingredients are delivered over an extended period of time, never exceeding their optimal therapeutic level. Talk about starting off with a bang.

The Cleansing Balm & Exfoliating Refiner will leave skin clear, glowing and primed for the next step: the Hydrating Preparation Essence, which has also now launched at Noble Panacea.

And, when it came to finding the perfect person to share the benefits of The Elemental collection with the world, who better than fashion icon, social entrepreneur and maternal healthcare advocate Christy Turlington? Joining Noble Panacea as its Fundamental Changemaker in Residence, Turlington not only stars in The Elemental campaign but has shared her experiences, advice and passions on the brand’s podcast Think Beautifully.

Speaking to podcast host and Noble Panacea’s CEO, Céline Talabaza, Turlington explained what drew her to Noble Panacea: “I think it is exciting when technology can enhance reality and nature. I find it interesting when boundaries are pushed, and when new technologies are explored, because it creates opportunities to learn.”

The Elemental Cleansing Balm & Exfoliating Refiner, £172 for 30 doses, Also available at

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