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For those in the medical profession, it’s been a testing two years, with the global pandemic placing them under greater pressure than ever before. Long days and difficult situations to navigate are all a part of the job description, but with bed shortages and the ongoing cancellations of routine operations in hospitals, suffice it to say that this unprecedented period has been more testing than most.

But it’s challenges such as these – as well as the intense and in-depth level of study and gold-stamped qualifications required to gain employment in the field – that mean that medical-related jobs are also some of the best paid in the world, with many of the world’s top specialists earning generous six-figure salaries for their efforts. And of course, a healthy bank account brings with it the chance to enjoy life’s luxuries – whether that’s relaxing in a Mediterranean holiday home, jetting off to the Caribbean or sailing the French Riviera on a private yacht – whenever there’s a rare slice of free time to take advantage of.

The pandemic has, of course, highlighted an increased need for more highly-skilled medical professionals within the field, and despite the situation having gradually eased over recent months following a rigorous vaccination programme and a reduction in the number of Covid-19 patients being hospitalised, there are many other areas of healthcare that continue to suffer due to shortages of doctors, surgeons and the like. The effects of Brexit, as well as the pandemic, have both seen scores of expat professionals return to their home countries after years of living and working in the UK, and filling the vacancies quickly enough to keep up with the need has proven difficult.

If you’re already working in the medical field and are considering upskilling or specialising, then the good news is that the most highly-skilled professionals in the field are now more in-demand than ever before. And, if you’re only just heading to medical school, then they most certainly will be by the time you’ve completed your mandatory seven years of study.

So, if you’ve got designs on a five-star salary and the luxury lifestyle that goes with it, these are the top paying medical jobs to consider in 2022 and beyond.

Plastic surgeon

Plastic surgeon

Following on from the effects of the pandemic, the demand for cosmetic surgery professionals is at an all-time high, and we’re also seeing the number for jobs for aesthetic practitioners increasing too as we become ever more comfortable with the prospect of either going under the knife or splurging on non-invasive procedures like dermal fillers, non-surgical facelifts and infra-red treatments in a bid to retain our youth and stay looking our very best.

But while aesthetics doctors can enjoy a salary of around £37,000, it’s plastic surgeons who make the most money in this field. Professionals working within the NHS are responsible for restoring form and function to patients’ bodies following illness or trauma, and are well-paid for their meticulous skill and attention to detail. But privately, they can earn an even larger salary by performing elective cosmetic procedures such as breast enhancements, liposuction and rhinoplasties, taking home an average of £240,000 a year.


A neurosurgeon holding human brain model and pointing at brain MRI on lightbox in medical office

Surgeons are known to be some of the best-paid professionals in the medical field, but none walk away with quite the hefty salary a neurosurgeon does. Due to their complex role – which includes diagnosing, assessing and performing surgery on patients with disorders affecting the central and peripheral nervous system, intensive study is required in order to qualify for the role, going far beyond the standard seven years of medical school alone.

After graduating, you’ll need to join a paid two-year foundation programme, where you’ll be required to complete six placements in different settings, before joining a paid specialty training programme, which will take a further eight years. In total, that’s 17 years of training – so it’s easy to see why neurosurgeons earn top dollar once they reach consultant level.

The starting salary during foundation training ranges from £29,400 to £34,000, increasing to £40,200 during specialty training – but once your studies and training are complete, you can enjoy a generous salary of £115,000.



Anaesthetists are responsible for administering anaesthesia to patients ahead of surgery, as well as monitoring their condition throughout, and work in operating theatres, intensive care units or maternity wards. They are also highly skilled in overseeing the resuscitation of patients should they go into cardiac arrest, and are key professionals in the attendance of crash calls.

There’s no denying that it’s a high-pressure, stressful job at times, but no doubt a rewarding one, too. The pathway is much the same as for a neurosurgeon, requiring the completion of a two-year foundation programme followed by seven or eight year specialty training – but consultants can earn around the £115,000 mark.

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