The ultimate guide to buying blinds for your luxury home

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The windows of our homes are important; they are the eyes to the outside world, allowing us to gaze out at our surroundings from the comfort of our havens.

Of course, those windows can potentially be gazed through from both sides making it all the more important to complement your windows with some beautiful coverings to gain some privacy, when required.

Blinds make a stylish option for a window surround, but if you don’t know your Roman from your Venetian and you haven’t the foggiest which of these styles is right for your room, then we are here to help.

An incredibly versatile option, blinds come in a range of styles and materials, with a huge selection of colours and patterns to choose from and they have the benefit of being the perfect complement to either a classic or contemporary interior. Sleek and stylish, bold and beautiful, perfectly practical; whatever type of blind you need, there will most certainly be an option for you out there.

Wood Bathroom Modern Contemporary Style 3d Render.decorate Wall
Blinds can be the perfect complement to any decor

If the prospect of finding the right blinds for your windows seems like a chore that you, most certainly, could do without, then read on for our simple guide to understanding the styles and buying the finest offerings to add elegance to your interior in an instant.

Different styles

First of all, it’s important to understand exactly what types of blinds that are out there and available for you to purchase, and what they are best used for. This will be the first step when buying the right blind for your décor.


Sleek, contemporary, and so very functional, Venetian blinds are a top choice for many due to their ability to work well in all rooms of the house. From a smart home office to a bright conservatory, a swanky kitchen to a grand bathroom – basically any living area that requires a refined look – a slatted blind will work well as you can filter the light as you please.

Metal or plastic offerings work very well in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture may be a problem for other materials used in blinds, while wood and faux wood Venetian blinds offer that sophisticated look across the whole of your house.

Cropped view of woman pull rope, opened modern white blinds roll on windows in light and tiled bathroom
Roller blinds can be simple or add personality to a window surround


Roller blinds are the best option when you are looking to add a little personality to your window area. These are the perfect option if your décor is simple and you need a patterned blind to tie in with complementary flooring, for example. Endless designs are available, from fancy floral to modern geometric offerings, while plain options can be perfectly paired with curtains to create a luxe feel to your window surround.

Lining and coating are important with roller blinds, ask yourself; do you require blackout blinds for a child’s bedroom? Thermal blinds for cooler rooms of the house? Or perhaps you are looking for sheer blinds to allow plenty of light to saturate a room, such as a conservatory, while also providing a welcome shade from direct sunlight. The options are plentiful, which can only be a good thing.


Roman blinds have the ability to offer a really luxurious look to a room. Made from soft fabrics and creating tidy vertical folds when open, these are simple way to add comfort and class to any room. Available in many designs and colours too, with a thick section of material always visible at the top, these are another way to add character to your window area.

Interior of modern home office with white and green walls, wooden floor, long table with laptop on it, bookcase and green chair near window with blinds. Vertical mock up poster frame. 3d rendering
Roman blinds can add luxury and character to any space


For an ultra-modern look, opt for a vertical blind. Much like a Venetian but with the slat in a vertical position, these blinds are ideal for those contemporary floor-to-ceiling windows that seem to be gracing every lavish abode. Choose to have them fully pulled back or with tilted slats to allow the desired amount of light in, and your home will be one to envy.

Further considerations


You have the option to fit blinds either on the inner recess of the window frame, which is great for space saving areas such as a cloakroom, or the outer recess, which makes a more prominent feature.

Ready made or made to measure?

There are plenty of ready made blinds out there so you can make this really simple for yourself, though if you are blessed with odd-shaped windows or those that don’t come in typical sizes then you will have to purchase made to measure blinds. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker though, wherever you choose to purchase your blind from will have a measuring guide and, though they can’t be delivered as quickly as ready made blinds, you will generally only be waiting a few extra days.

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