Things You Need To Consider Before Choosing A Luxury Rental Place For Your Travels

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One of the greatest comforts in life is the thought of being able to take a break from work and go on vacation someday. This fleeting period can serve to recharge an employee’s physical, mental, and emotional levels, albeit temporarily.

The current coronavirus pandemic might’ve put a damper on your travel plans. Plus, you may be working from home, and the arrangement may be contributing to your stress and anxiety since it blurs the line between your personal and professional life.

When this is all over, you should go on an extravagant vacation to compensate for the gruelling routine that you’ve had to drudge through for months. You can look for luxury rental places through websites like KOALA, which offers timeshare rentals at top resorts.

Here are the things that you need to consider:


As with any real estate investment, you should check the area where the rental is situated. You must think about your itinerary. If you’ll be relying on public transportation to go around the city or town, you ought to look for a place that’s accessible enough when you commute. This is ideal if you want to explore the local places and immerse yourself in the culture.

On the other hand, if you just want to stay in bed or lounge by the poolside all day, you’d be better off booking a room in a secluded beach resort. You can even go for transformative travel, which is one of the luxury travel trends for 2020. This entails reconnecting with yourself and nature through Zen retreats and yoga-based activities.


Regardless of whether you plan on exploring the city or town you’re vacationing in or sit back and relax for your entire stay, you should also consider the different amenities that the luxury rental offers. Non-negotiable amenities include safety and security facilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, and kitchen or, at the very least, a restaurant where you can order food.

You can throw in your must-haves on the list. For instance, if you’re travelling with your kids, a pool would be a necessity. If you’re a health buff, you might want access to a gym so that you can continue with your exercise regimen even while you’re travelling.


Going on a luxury vacation doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank just to get pampered for a few days. As mentioned above, sites like KOALA have timeshare rentals, which means that you can enjoy immense discounts with their partner establishments. Get more information on their blog if you’re interested.

It’s prudent to save up for your vacation. Additionally, you can take measures to ensure that you get the most value for your money.

Here are a few tips to help you plan a luxury vacation while on a budget:

Find promos – Research is your primary tool in looking for promos and discounts online. Lots of websites provide this type of information. All it takes is using the right keywords in search engine queries.

Sign up for a loyalty program – If you have a dream resort or hotel, you might as well register as a subscriber on their website to ensure that you get first-hand information on their promos and discounts. Some companies will even give you treats or freebies for special occasions, like during your birth month.

Opt for lesser-known locations – Another way to save on your luxury vacation is to choose places that aren’t very popular. Just make sure that they possess the same ambience as your initial choice.


You also have to consider the time when you’re planning to go on vacation. For example, summer would be the best time to visit the beach, while you’d want to go to a ski resort during wintertime.

There are places, however, that are okay to visit off-season. If you’re really feeling the itch to travel, you might want to book during this period because it’s highly likely that you’ll get better rates since there won’t be a lot of guests.


Once you’ve finally zeroed in on a particular location, you should check the feedback of people who’ve already visited it. Their comments can help you form a general idea of what to expect and what your experience could be like when you arrive at the place.


After this pandemic, you might want to go all out for your vacation. One option you have is to book a luxury rental place. Make sure to check the location, amenities, cost, reviews as well as the season if you’re going for a relaxing and pleasurable travel experience.

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