This Geometric Workstation Cabin is the Home Office We All Need

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With what seems like a never-ending global health crisis, many have been forced to resort to working from our own homes.

However, even if you have a big enough space for a home office setup, it can feel rather impossible to concentrate with all the distractions around — whether it’s other family members (especially young children), the bed (which suddenly looks more comfortable than ever), Netflix, or, for most of us, the fridge.

Find yourselves ticking all of the boxes above? Perhaps it’s time you check out the Workstation Cabin — a multi-purpose separation pod designed by Budapest-based design studio Hello Wood.

Complete with insulation, built-in A/C, soundproof capabilities and more, this unique 86-square-foot, 15-sided wooden house is constructed using natural Scots pine wood panels, complemented with large windows that take in plenty of natural light.

Its compact size means it can settle right within your back garden, serving as a workstation or a meeting room during the week, while in the after-hours or over the weekends, it can be converted into a playroom for the kids, a guest room, or even just your own little sanctuary whenever you feel the need to step out for some quiet time to read or relax.

Function aside, this pebble-shaped geometric construction is a vision in its own, and will aesthetically enhance your outdoor space like a work of art. The entire blueprint is computer-generated, so it can be sent to a CNC machine for quick and easy production. It can then be assembled off-site, before being delivered and installed in your preferred location, all in a matter of days.

Interested to get one of your own? Contact Hello Wood for details.

Cindie Chan

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