Tips for Planning for a Luxurious House Extension

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Home extensions are the perfect solution for those who love their current home but just need a little more space. Extensions are also a solution when you need dedicated space that you may not be able to create through a massive renovation of your home. However, these types of projects are prone to problems, unless you take the necessary steps to ensure it goes right. Here are 6 tips for when you are planning a luxurious house extension.

Get All of the Necessary Approvals First

Every local council is different, but almost all of them require planning permission to build an extension on your home. Even loft conversions and the installation of new heating appliances may require planning permission. Work with a designer who understands your area’s design code and can deliver both what you want and what the local council will allow.

Talk to Your Neighbours First

Talk to your neighbours about the design while it is on the drawing board. If you get their approval early on, then you’re less likely to have the object to your project is up for approval. Know in advance if you need their permission to remove fence panels, and don’t store building materials on their property without making prior arrangements.

Choose the Right Materials

Every home must meet strict standards regarding fire safety and building integrity. You may be forced to meet additional rules like colour, texture, and material selection. Consider working with matching materials. Fortunately, concrete is the most commonly used building material in the world. Concrete is also a versatile material, whether you’re pouring a building foundation or wheelchair ramp.

You should also understand how material choice affects the building’s character. For instance, timber is almost always seen as a rustic material, while concrete can be a clean modern material or be made to resemble stone.

If you were starting to search for ‘concrete suppliers near me’, for example, you could work with ready mix concrete suppliers in London like MixIt. They can mix concrete blocks used in everything from retaining walls to outdoor seats, or create a concrete mix based on your exact needs and specifications.

Consider the Long-Term Uses of the Extension

Many homeowners believe the myth that bigger is better, and focus on the square meterage instead of overall value. But home extensions are expensive projects, and the price is proportional to the size and scale of the project.

The build budget is not the only thing you have to worry about either. You also have to take value-added taxes, designer fees, and local authority fees into account. That’s why you should design a space that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you could build a home office that can later be turned into a granny flat.

Home extensions allow you to keep the home you love while making the changes you want to make so you can stay there. Do your homework in advance so that building your dream home doesn’t become a nightmare.

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