Tips to Stay Safe While Bathing When No One Else Is at Home

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You feel paranoid when you’re alone at home, and you step inside the bathroom. It should be a relaxing moment, but not when you’re alone. You fear that someone might break in. When something wrong happens, no one can warn you. The good thing is there are ways to stay safe while you bathe when no one else is at home.

Install security cameras

Most houses these days have security cameras. You don’t know what could happen, so you will feel more confident if there are security cameras available. You can always use the footage to track the suspect. You can also deter potential criminals when they realise you have security cameras. It’s even better to see the camera footage from your device inside the bathroom. You will know what’s happening outside while you bathe.

Lock your main door

Don’t go inside the bathroom when your main door is open. You won’t know if someone made it inside since you’re in the bathroom. Lock the main door and your bathroom.

Minimise the noise when bathing

Some people decide to watch movies or use their phones when bathing. There’s nothing wrong with it if you don’t set the volume to a maximum. This is because you still need to hear what’s happening outside. The bathroom is already secluded, and it can be too risky when you allow yourself to get drowned by the noise. If you don’t want to miss a show, watch it after you bathe.

Don’t stay too long

You might enjoy bathing for a long time when you have a relaxing bath in a bath with door. However, you can’t keep yourself inside for too long. You don’t want to give anyone sufficient time to break in and potentially harm you. It’s even better if you have an accessible bathtub to help you move in and out of the bathroom quickly.

Take your phone with you

During emergencies, you need your phone to ask for help. When you leave it outside, you won’t have sufficient time to call for help. The good thing is most phones are waterproof. You won’t have a problem when water gets into the device. Potential break-ins don’t only define emergencies. You might also suffer from a medical emergency and can’t bring yourself outside the bathroom to call for help.

Consider changing neighbourhoods

If you don’t feel safe bathing alone and you don’t have family members around, it might be time to relocate. You can’t take the risk if there are issues in your area. There are better communities where you will feel safe even if you leave the doors open. Of course, you still want to lock the doors when you’re alone, but you don’t want to feel paranoid. Even if you’re with your family, safety must remain a priority. You don’t want to put anyone at risk, especially when you’re not home to protect the people you love.

With these tips, you can relax while bathing. You can focus on recharging and feeling better when you step out of the shower. If you’re still unhappy with your bathing experience, it might be time to change your bath.

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