Top 4 design themes for a stylish and serene bedroom retreat

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The impact of being confined to our homes for the most part may fill many of us with uncertainty, especially those who like to keep busy. You’ve most probably read the books on your shelves, watched a box set or two and baked enough to feed twenty, but we need bigger achievements than this in order to keep us satisfied through these strange times.

There are only so many hours of TV you can watch, work you can pretend to do from the comfort of your bed and baked goods that anyone can healthily consume. If you’re feeling the boredom of being indoors and you’re not used to it then consider turning your hand to a useful task that you will get some benefit out of.

One positive way to spend these extra hours is to create something that will benefit you, that will be useful, make you smile and will last for years. Redecorating is a great way to use up your time, it will keep you active and ensure that you produce an environment to make you happy. Don’t worry about the whole house, there’s time for that later, we’re here to give you some inspiration for the sometimes overlooked but all-important room of your house – the bedroom.

If you’re looking for some ideas in order to create the perfect oasis for your night-time napping, then we’ve compiled the top four design trends to create a stylish and serene retreat.

Back to nature

Stylish bedroom interior with green plants. Home design ideas

There’s no better oasis than nature itself and this is why we’ve seen a growing trend for interiors incorporating outside elements on the inside. It is, therefore, no wonder that recreating an outdoor styled retreat in your bedroom would bring a sense of calm with it – perfect for this room of the house. If you want to use natural surroundings in your room then use hardwood furniture, plants galore, and earthy accents. Keep it modern with a wood wall (achievable with wallpaper too) and pale painted walls. This is great for the eco-conscious of us as you can use sustainable items and fabrics made from organic materials, and there are lots of gorgeous indoor air cleaning plants to incorporate into the look too.

Hotel opulence

MO London deluxe room

We’ve all been to those lovely hotels and enjoyed the mod cons and distinguished décor but what if you could create this refined look in your own home? The hotel luxe trend isn’t new, but it isn’t going anywhere either and you can really stamp your style here. You’ll want to seek out quality items like the premium Saatva mattress – a good all-rounder that suits all bodies and all sleeper types and positions, it’s no sanctuary if you can’t get a good night’s sleep.

Another great element of a hotel room that must be replicated is the lighting, the more stars the hotel holds, the more lighting features it seems to boast too. It doesn’t have to be quite so high-tech in your home, but favoured features include recessed dimmable lighting, a night light for the en suite and lamps to create varying levels of cosiness. Also consider really upping your game with the décor and design elements in the room – for the ultimate inspiration, Mandarin Oriental hotels have this spot on with gorgeous wall coverings, well-placed mirrors and fabulous colour and tone combinations – certainly a look to try and emulate.


Lantern Next To Wooden Bed With Orange Blanket In Bedroom Interi

If you haven’t heard of the Japandi design trend, where have you been? Combining Japanese and Scandinavian styles expect to see minimal, yet, impactful designs using neutral tones for this hybrid style. This is for those who like a clean and neat space with no clutter to cloud their thoughts. The combination of pale woods, as seen in the Scandi look, alongside contemporary Japanese-inspired materials like black bed frames will offer a seriously stylish look when paired with pale walls, wood flooring and earthy accent colours.

Cosy with a statement

Beautiful Room Interior With Large Bed, Mirror And Floral Patter

Create yourself the cosiest of settings with a thick, fluffy duvet, mattress topper, cushy blankets and velvety cushions to throw yourself upon. Think soft lighting, soft off-white colours on the walls – Farrow and Ball have a great selection – and make this a style statement with a flash of floral wallpaper. This vintage look can be brought up to date with an oversized pattern but should be kept to one wall. Paired with a luxe headboard and soft fabrics in pale colours, this sumptuous space will be difficult to leave, and it will be super stylish too.

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