Top tips for how to create that perfect showhome style kitchen

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There is always something quite exciting about wandering around a showhome, imagining that this is exactly what your chosen house will look like. With the luxurious style and incredible design features that showhomes incorporate, it’s common for homeowners to want to recreate the look, after all, who wouldn’t want a picture perfect home that is elegantly flawless and incredibly beautiful to look at?

Design experts are commonly asked what it takes to recreate a showhome look at home and the good news is that it’s, surprisingly, much easier than you may think, and can applied to any room in the house. There are a number of simple and effective ways that you can easily create this neat and smart style in your much-loved family home, it’s just a case of being willing to get creative and adapt your home to fit the theme. 

If your kitchen needs a makeover and all of those glossy images in magazines are filling you with inspiration but you’re not quite sure how to achieve the look, then read on for our top tips on how to recreate a showroom kitchen on your own home.

Open plan is best

Stretch your kitchen space by going for an open-plan kitchen diner scheme that is great for family kitchens

An open-plan style is the go-to layout as it is a design that’s modern, on-trend, and has the ability to incorporate a simplistic décor throughout – a common theme in show homes.

Aim to bring together the living room or dining room with the kitchen in one large, open plan space to offer an area that has plenty of room for the entire household. You can then choose a design theme that trickles throughout all rooms, making small stylish changes in each area to define that space.

If you’re unable to create a completely open plan kitchen area, consider having a semi-open plan area instead with the use of a large archway joining the kitchen and living room or dining room, instead of having no wall at all.

Stick to lighter hues

Lighter tones help to create a space that looks bigger

With regards to the colour scheme of the kitchen, you will have most likely noticed that the majority showhome kitchens incorporate a light colour scheme within them. This is largely because lighter tones help to create a space that looks bigger, lighter and is more welcoming, enticing those buyers.

Darker tones can make a space look smaller and darker if the room is already compact, which is why they’re rarely used in showhome style kitchens – or show home properties at all. White and soft greys are commonly used so that the grey can match with any visible appliances, while white offers that clean, fresh and neat look that is so inviting and calming.

Hire in the professionals

When it comes to the decorating and designing of your brand new kitchen, you might want to research the top designers of luxury kitchens, to ensure that you have a specialist working on your dream design

When it comes to the decorating and designing of your brand new kitchen, you might want to research the top designers of luxury kitchens, to ensure that you have a specialist working on your dream design. They’ll be able to use their knowledge and expertise to design a practical and beautiful kitchen tailored to your desires and will, no doubt, offer up useful information and suggestions that you would never have previously considered.

While you could opt to go down the DIY route, one of the perks of show homestyle kitchens is that they’re picture-perfect, and often with a DIY job this level of workmanship cannot be achieved. Be sure to hire a professional kitchen fitter, who will be able to bring their skills to the job, spotting and fixing potential problems that you may have never noticed and leaving you with an enviable kitchen.

Incorporate plenty of storage space

The beauty of a kitchen island is that it provides additional space for food prep and storage

One of the most noticeable factors of showhome kitchens is that they are exceptionally minimalist. Clearly that’s because they are not actually lived in, however, this doesn’t mean that you cannot recreate the same minimalistic vibe in your own kitchen. This modern and clean look is best achieved with plenty of storage space and hidden appliances.

Consider floor to ceiling cupboards in your kitchen with high shelves holding items that are rarely used and plenty of pull out drawers, hooks and shelving units so you can pack away all of your items neatly and, more importantly, out of sight. Be sure to build in your fridge, freezer, washing machine (if stored in the kitchen) and dishwasher behind cupboard doors and get creative with tucking away smaller appliances behind sliding or lifting doors. Spotlight lighting is also a great way to achieve a simplistic design, taking away the requirement for any clunky added features.

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