Two Keys: Unlock your spirit with a new generation of mixers

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From Jaffa cake gin to toffee fudge vodka, the UK’s thirst for flavours of the world with the colours of the rainbow sent the spirits industry to withering heights.

No sooner had the nation’s vodka tastebuds been captured by the zesty delights of lemon, or the lush juiciness of peach and orange blossom, hot on their heels were their fellow spirit sibling, introducing the public to the world of pink gin, then stepping it up a notch with the shimmering marvel of colour changing gin.

The world of mixers soon hopped aboard into the club of colourful flavours, from the baby pink perfume scents of raspberry and rose soda, to the cloud citrus delights of Sicilian lemon tonic. Mixing it up a swirl, however, are Two Keys, the new generation of luxury mixers set to unlock a new level of spirit.

Two Keys is an advocate for sustainability with a twist of eccentric quirkiness

Making their debut in 2019, the story of Two Keys was brought to life by James Simpson and Jack Herlihy. Taking their inspiring quest to new heights to challenge the repetitive world of mixers and the curious consumers notions of cocktail pairings, they have given us a resplendent, 100% natural tea-based brand, reflective of the ingredients specially sourced from the world’s most exotic destinations.

Seeking out the best international artisan producers to aid in their creation, the duo were led to an abundance of deliciously raw and sought after ingredients, from black tea within the culture corners of India and Sri Lanka, green tea amongst the cherry blossom surroundings of Japan, fresh fruits from the groves of Spain and fine, organic sugar cane in the green depths of Brazil.

A collaboration with some of the finest specialist tasters in New York and Japan, followed by numerous tea blend experimentations finally saw Jack and James bring four, beautifully delicious and sparklingly tantalising flavours to fruition, with the cherry on top being each serving is less than 40 calories.

The 100% natural tea-based brand is reflective of the ingredients specially sourced from the world’s most exotic destinations

Green Tea – A harvest of specially sourced Kukicha and Gyokuro tea leaves from Japan, cold brewed in the UK for 48 hours for that soft and delicately refreshing flavour with a presence of umami. This makes for the perfect accompaniment with a premium craft gin or equally a fine quality vodka or whisky.

Black Tea – A partnership of Ceylon and Assam leaves from the fragrant grounds of India and Sri Lanka, cold brewed for 24 hours for waves of mildness through the rich smokiness, added with a splash of natural sweetness, which, when medleyed together, sings sophistication. The versatility of this mixer blends beautifully with whisky and also makes the perfect mix with a gin and a slice of lemon.

Pink Grapefruit – Using wholesome ripe pink grapefruits plucked from the sun-kissed farms of southern Spain, the juice lends a sweet, smooth, and bitter sharp contrast. Truly versatile, this serves as the perfect accompaniment for gin, rum and even a shot of tequila!

Lemon – Created through the inspiration of a Tom Collins, using only real juices from the best lemons from the region of Murcia, Spain. This high-class, sophisticated turn on lemonade gives an added diverse and sparkly zest to your favourite spirit, teamed up with generous helpings of ice.

Versatile, fun and delicious sum up the Two Keys mixers and brand quite well

An advocate for sustainability with a twist of eccentric quirkiness, the mixers are encased in solid recyclable glass bottles with animal illustration designs representing Two Keys’ stance of playing with the rules. See for yourself the zebra print elephant as you mix a gin and green tea, or a leopard print rhino when whipping up a vodka with lemon mixer.

Although a new-born in world of mixers, Two Keys have graced and embraced their sublime presence in some of the most show stopping A-List events and unparalleled hospitality doors, from the catwalk glamour of London Fashion Week, to the luxe dining, art deco jewel China Tang inside the luxury iconic hotel, The Dorchester.

Two Keys mixers are available via Amazon or via the company website, starting from £6.80 for four mixers and free standard shipping, with 5% of sales donated to Tusk in aid of wildlife protection through conservation initiatives across Africa.

Video cocktail masterclasses can be seen on the website, whether you wish to create your own refreshing G and Tea, or a sparkling pink Paloma, it’s time to get quirky with cocktail hour!

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