Set in the North Ari Atoll, the W Maldives Resort offers an exclusive and enjoyable way to experience the Maldives. Arriving by seaplane, an entourage of W members are awaiting your arrival with a friendly welcome and complimentary cocktails.

Arriving at the W Maldives

Discovering the island is made easy by a private buggy tour to familiarize us with the accommodations and amenities. An array of beachfront and over-water villas offer unique living spaces that stay true to the W Hotels culture.  With their contemporary decor and signature music playing throughout the resort, the chill vibes and friendly service provides a refreshing take on luxury island living.

Fabulous Lagoon Oasis at the W Maldives

We spent the first evening in a Wonderful Beach Oasis. Featuring our own private pool just a few sandy steps from the oceanfront, a unique open-air bathroom and second floor patio, the villa lends itself to an enjoyable day. The over-water villas were equally as great, perched above the lagoon with private sun decks and pools, as well as indoor/outdoor bathrooms. With a glass bottom floor to check out the marine life below, the accommodation was anything but ordinary.

White Sand, Clear Waters & Blue Skies at W Maldives

Snorkeling at W Maldives

With a simply breathtaking setting – white sands, clear waters, and blue skies – it’s hard not to enjoy every moment.  We filled the long sunny days with various island activities. From lounging in the main pool to tubing, glass bottom kayaking, and snorkeling, the W Maldives insider Chunky was able to help us plan our days to make the most of all the fun. He was truly an integral part of the team at W Maldives creating a friendly and exciting atmosphere.

W Maldives Insider - Chunky Mathews

W Maldives

In addition to the island activities, we also had the opportunity to arrange a sunset fishing trip.  Just off-shore from the island we caught some amazing fish that we then had prepared to our liking for dinner. Once again the incredible natural setting captivated our senses with a stunning sunset from the fishing boat, and a sky full of stars later that night.

Sunset in the Maldives

Our island getaway would not be complete without a spa day.  The AWAY Spa consists of private treatment centers each set over water by the coral reefs. Beginning with a relaxing steam room and an hour long massage followed by leisurely tea in the jacuzzi, there is no other way we’d prefer to spend an afternoon in paradise. The masseuses were professional and attentive, leaving us feeling truly at ease.

Away Spa at the W Maldives

Thinking back to the W Maldives experience, it truly was one-of-a-kind. Make sure you keep the W Maldives in mind for your next visit.

You can learn more about the property and book your stay at W Maldives Online.

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