Watch video: Tornado ravages China’s Inner Mongolia, at least 33 injured

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Hohhot: Thirty-three people were injured after a tornado ripped through a tourist site in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Sunday, local authorities said Monday.

The local government said the extreme weather hit the Swan Lake, Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner, around 3:30 p.m. Sunday, toppling or damaging over 100 yurts and injuring 33 tourists and workers of the tourist site.

At around 3:30pm Sunday, Sugacha, Mongolia was hit by a tornado. The disaster seriously affected the nearby Swan Lake tourist reception, causing damages to 5 herders, 33 people injured at the tourist reception, and more than 100 yurts collapsed.

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The injured have been sent to local hospitals, officials said, adding that three were in serious condition.


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