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The ability to travel far and wide and experience new destinations, fascinating cultures and authentic cuisines has become more accessible than ever before. Those seeking exclusivity from their travel experiences will be reassured to know that there are plenty of locations across the world and encounters to enjoy that offer them a level of uniqueness they so seek on their journeys.

It isn’t just the first-class flight or top of the range hotel that makes a holiday luxurious, but the location itself, the exclusive experiences that can be enjoyed there and plenty of other elements that will make a trip one to remember.

From tropical paradises to cities that have it all, we take a closer look at eight of the world’s most luxurious destinations that promise a stay like no other. If you haven’t paid a visit already, you might just want to add them to your travel bucket list and start ticking them off in 2023.  

The Maldives

A favourite for unforgettable honeymoons and other special getaways, the Maldives consist of over 1,000 separate islands in the Indian Ocean. The crystal-clear waters make this the perfect spot for snorkelling or scuba diving and there are many resorts where expert instruction can be arranged.

The Maldives is a favourite for unforgettable honeymoons and other special getaways

Although the sea temperature rarely falls below 25oC, there are distinct rainy and dry seasons, so the best time of year to visit is between December and April, which will make for a perfect escape from the cold winter months at home.

For an added element of luxury, most resorts are ultimately reached by speedboat or seaplane giving you a stylish start to your dream holiday and just a taster of the level of luxury to come.


Rising like an amazing oasis or mirage from the desert, Dubai has long been the playground for celebrities and, more recently, many online influencers have been establishing it as their second home. The coastal city in the UAE boasts year-round sun and some of the most opulent hotels in the world to book a stay at.

It really does have everything you could want from a holiday destination. There are countless malls filled with designer brands, fabulous restaurants and huge, uncrowded beaches. There’s also no end of entertainment including, unbelievably, one of the world’s longest indoor ski slopes as well as hot air balloon rides and 4×4 sand dune experiences.


There’s certainly more of an old-world feel to Monaco than there is in Dubai, but there’s just as much ostentatious wealth on display. This isn’t so surprising as the tiny principality has more millionaires per square kilometre than almost anywhere else in the world.

You could do your best to join them by trying your luck in the famous casino but be warned that there’s a strict dress code for visitors. So perhaps you might be better off playing casino games online like Virgin Games, also ideal for getting in some practice before you try the casinos in capital Monte-Carlo.

If you do visit Monaco you should also make sure to wander through the marina admiring the super yachts that gather there from all over the world as well as the superb range of supercars that grace the streets.

Port Fontvieille in Monaco holds some luxurious yachts


Perhaps most famously known as the ‘spice island’, Zanzibar’s tourism industry has developed hugely over the last few years, driven by government support.

Situated about 30 miles off the east coast of Africa, Zanzibar is actually part of Tanzania. Consisting of two main islands and several smaller ones, the place most people use as a base is the capital Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the east coast of the islands, there are pristine white beaches protected by off-shore coral reefs and anyone wanting a more away-from-it-all break will find it on the smaller island of Pemba.


Although it’s sometimes described as being like the Costa Brava for Australian holiday-makers it’s easy enough to escape to other parts of this Indonesian island where all is peace and tranquillity.

A big favourite is the so-called cultural capital of Ubud where many artists live and work, and it’s also home to an art gallery showing great deal of important Indonesian art. There are also countless boutique hotels spread across the island where you can enjoy great hospitality from these famously welcoming people.

Los Angeles

If celebrity spotting is one of your requirements for a luxury holiday, then look no further than the notorious Tinsel Town. Perhaps you’ll see an A-lister or two out and about or on their way to a meeting with a studio exec or a director. Or you might like to take one of the many organised bus tours round the city’s famous sites as well as the current and previous homes of some of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers.

For a true taste of decadence book yourself into the Santa Monica hotel Shutters on the Beach. In a beautiful ocean-front location, you’ll be living the Californian dream.

Venice in Italy is a much-loved destination. Image credit: pyty/Bigstock.com

Hamilton Island

There are many islands that form The Whitsundays that are dotted up and down Australia’s Queensland coastline, but few are as prestigious as Hamilton Island. Although you can catch a flight there, once on the island itself cars are banned making it a uniquely tranquil and quiet place to stay. In fact, the loudest sound probably comes from the hundreds of wild cockatoos that live in its many trees.

There are plentiful beaches to enjoy, and you can also arrange day trips out to explore the Great Barrier Reef.


Last, but not least, there is the beautiful northern Italian city of Venice. There are countless exclusive hotels to choose from, many with amazing views of the always-busy Grand Canal. One of the best ways to explore this city on the water is by gondola or water taxi. There are also countless art treasures to discover from the Renaissance period and beyond as well, of course, as the incredible St Mark’s Basilica.

Food lovers will be in heaven here too with Italian cuisine up there with the best. Enjoy local favourites – great for seafood lovers – as well as cooking classes and culinary tours.

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