Where to buy property: A guide to luxury living in the South West London

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London is known for its incredible shopping locations, endless opportunities and some of the most beautiful residential areas in the world, so it’s entirely understandable to see how it is one of the most desirable places to live.

From Chelsea and Fulham to Battersea and Richmond, South West London is continuously thriving and ever-changing. Many areas continue to showcase high-quality living whilst several places are up-and-coming, drawing the attention of potential buyers worldwide.

With many incredibly luxurious areas to consider relocating to in the city, deciding on a specific location can be rather challenging. Factors such as education, community spirit, commute and culture must be considered when house-hunting to find the best place to reside in London.

To save you time and stress, we have carefully selected the best luxury areas in the South West London that offer the best possible quality of life in the new year and beyond.

South West London has some of the best shopping and leisure offerings in the capital


The high demand for living in the centre of London has given Battersea the growing attention it deserves. Offering an upsizing potential, this location is a fantastic choice for Londoners wishing to start a family.

Due to the rising popularity of the area, properties for sale in Battersea are being swiftly seized from the market, and it is understandable to see why, as this area is a haven for hopeful families. Features such as the vibrant park, a children’s zoo and boating lake are highlights in this area, thereby making it a great location for those needing proximity to the city whilst also having a tranquil space to escape from the hustle and bustle of London life.

The much-loved landmark of Battersea Power Station stopped generating power in 1983, however, developments to transform it into Apple’s UK headquarters by 2021 are underway. This transformation includes introducing a wide variety of shops and restaurants, many of which have already begun opening its doors to the public.

The £9 billion revamp will create approximately 4,239 new luxury homes for wise and enthusiastic buyers — many of these new builds will contain some of the planets most desirable apartments so keep an eye opened wide — therefore it is safe to say that Battersea is becoming one of the best living areas in London.

Average house price according to Zoopla: £931,201 (as of 27/11/2019)


Perhaps one of the most luxurious locations in London, Chelsea has gathered world-renowned fame for its upscale beauty and exquisite homes.

Buyers will have a choice between terraced rows and detached houses, however, expect the local architecture to be breathtaking. Not only is Chelsea famous for its charming homes, but it is also widely known for its culture and shopping opportunities — art lovers will be overjoyed as locations like the Saatchi Gallery is just around the corner.

Perhaps one of the most luxurious locations in London, Chelsea has gathered world-renowned fame for its upscale beauty and exquisite homes. Image credit: naumoid/Bigstock.com

The King’s Road was once the heart of the ‘1960’s swinging London’ and the popularity of this well-known street. Whilst wandering down this street you will find an eclectic mix of trendy boutiques, designer shops, unique labels and high-street labels, alongside a wide variety of superb cafés and restaurants.

Living in Chelsea is a dream for many and this beautiful residential district in south-west London is an idyllic location for anyone wishing to relocate in 2020.

Average house price according to Zoopla: £1,986,842 (as of 27/11/2019)


Nestled beside Chelsea lies the highly-appealing borough of Fulham, which is one of the most attractive areas to live in London.

Situated by the Thames, Fulham is another area that would be a perfect fit for an individual or family to relocate to as it has several features that are highly desirable as it has a proximity to a wide range of shops, walking distance to parks and green spaces, and has several highly-regarded schools.

A recent improvement to this London town has been the arrival of Market Hall, which has taken over the failed Union Market in the renovated former Edwardian Underground ticket office — expect to find a wide range of food stalls, cafés and restaurants that will appeal to any food-lover

Whilst it is a vibrant area to live in, Fulham is surprisingly quiet, thereby offering some much-needed tranquillity to escape the lively atmosphere of London.

Average house price according to Zoopla: £1,198,215 (as of 27/11/2019)

Richmond Park is the largest of the Royal Parks, occupying some 2500 acres. Image credit: asiastock/Bigstock.com


Arguably one of the most scenic and prosperous suburbs in the capital, Richmond is the only borough to be nestled within both sides of the Thames — very picturesque indeed.

Featuring more than 100 parks and green spaces, this residential district is home to various world-famous attractions like Kew Gardens and Hampton Court Palace, therefore it is understandable to see why Richmond is highly desirable for individuals and families.

Classed as one of the safest places to live in London, Richmond is a beautiful district for anyone wishing to move to the south-west of the capital. Considering that it is an incredibly sought-after location, finding a property for sale is quite rare, which is why coming across a beautiful, classic home in Richmond is similar to hitting the jackpot.

Ultimately, it is perfect for anyone wishing for riverside views, abundant open spaces, marvellous architecture and respectable schools.

2020 is just around the corner and with that comes a new wave of opportunity and investment. Purchasing a property in any of these remarkable areas, which feature a fantastic standard of living, will be a wise choice for anyone choosing to enter the high-end property market in the capital.

Average house price according to Zoopla: £991,119 (as of 27/11/2019)

Image credit at the very top of the article: IR Stone/Bigstock.com

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