Why artificial grass is now the preferred choice of luxury homeowners

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In the summertime, many of us spend our days outdoors in the sunshine, soaking up the rays and tending to our gardens – generally preferring it to indoors as long as the weather is good. And, although social distancing rules remain in place, small outdoor gatherings are now back on the agenda – which means you may well have guests coming around soon to join you.

With the current coronavirus pandemic seeing homeowners staying at home more than ever before, there’s no better time to start sprucing up your back yard, not only creating a space you’ll get maximum enjoyment out of over the coming months, but also one that is certain to impress those visitors.

Achieving a luxurious feel to your backyard can make for an enjoyable project – but it can also require a lot of time, attention and ongoing maintenance. This is particularly true of lawns, which often serve as the centrepiece for any well-designed garden, and must be kept trimmed, weeded and shaped at all times to stay looking its best. Nobody likes a patchy or overgrown lawn, and allowing yours to get into such a state will not a good impression make.

artificial grass
The installation of an artificial lawn eliminates the need for harmful pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides and fungicides

It’s little wonder, then, that many homeowners are now turning to artificial grass to get the desired effect. According to Google Trends, which tracks the popularity of online searches, the term saw a 185% leap in May 2020 when compared with the same month last year, with luxury homeowners keen to get their hands on some artificial grass samples to try the effect out for size.

But why the sudden popularity?

For one thing, the lockdown effect has seen those who usually rely on gardeners having to tend to their lawns themselves – with many no doubt realising the time and energy required and seeking out an alternative. Extra time at home might mean many are happy to spend their days digging and planting, but it’s not for everyone. Add to that the excessive additional hours spent browsing the internet whilst quarantined at home, and it’s easy to put two and two together to see where they came up with the solution.

It’s not just the decidedly un-green-fingered who are looking for alternatives, though. The warmer weather of late – in some cases, unseasonably so – combined with a lack of rain, has left lawns patchier than ever, and artificial grass is the quickest and easiest way to transform green areas before that socially distanced summer soiree or afternoon tea get together in the garden rolls around.

An increasing number of homeowners are now opting for artificial grass

Quick and easy to lay, an artificial lawn is guaranteed to look good at all times, regardless of the weather. And, with no weeds or other pests posing a risk to your garden, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy it.

It’s not just a pretty face, either. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits to making the change – chances are, you’ll never go back.

Lawn health

As we’ve touched on already, maintaining a healthy lawn can be a lot of work. Grass is susceptible to a number of diseases, including rhizoctonia, and all will take time and money to rectify. Add to that the regular invasion of weeds and pests, and looking after your garden can be a stressful task you’d rather not have to worry about.

Keeping your lawn healthy can depend on a number of different factors, from mow height to how much you feed and water your lawn. If it all sounds like too much effort, then you know what to do.

artificial grass
Unlike real grass, artificial lawns stay looking green and lush without any chemical help

Mud and puddles

Lawns can quickly become muddy in rainy weather – and even in summer, if you have a sprinkler system. Natural lawn has a tendency to flood during torrential downpours, which can pose a problem. If not dealt with quickly, your grass will die.

Artificial turf, however, does not require watering, so that at least eliminates the sprinklers. But add to that the fact that you won’t need to worry about how the weather affects it, and it’s an easy choice to make.

No need for pesticides or fertiliser

When it comes to our health, the fewer chemicals we are exposed to, the better – but natural lawns can require a lot of upkeep that entails fertilisers, to help it grow, and pesticides, to ward of those pesky insects and weeds that can have a detrimental impact on your lawn. An artificial lawn requires none of these, saving you the work and benefitting your health, too.

It doesn’t end there, and from reducing your water consumption to cutting down on ground pollution, there are numerous reasons that artificial grass is fast becoming a favourite amongst luxury home owners. So, it might be time to give your lawn a makeover – and the best thing about it? No-one will ever know.

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