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When it comes to achieving a stylish look, it all comes down to the details – and while there’s no denying that a selection of timeless staple pieces are the key to the perfect capsule wardrobe, it’s the finishing touches that add personality, individuality and a real touch of luxury to even the most well thought-out of outfits.

Accessories have come into their own in recent years, and while high-end jewellery, designer watches and expensive handbags were once reserved to be worn on special occasions only, they are now a part of our everyday attire.

As the lines between the formal and the casual continue to blur, breaking the traditional ‘rules’ of fashion is becoming commonplace, and while some event types – like awards ceremonies and red carpet premieres – still retain strict dress codes, other establishments typically associated with formal attire, like casinos, have relaxed their protocols to become more inclusive than ever before. This, in turn, has meant that modern dressing has become something to get creative and have fun with, and in 2022, making your own personal mark with custom hard enamel pins is the way to win in the style stakes and become an influential dresser who inspires others.

The use of symbolism in fashion has fast become one of the most inspired ways to make such a style statement – and custom pins are, in 2022, one of the most unique and sophisticated ways to incorporate them into your look.

While from a fashion perspective, most of us still tend to think of brooches as the precursor to enamel pins, button pins and the like, metal pins actually first became popular all the way back in the Bronze Age, and the Celts even wore them as cloak fasteners.

Having said that, brooches certainly do have a role to play when it comes to their development through the ages, and so, too, to their popularity today. Having first come into favour for both men and women during the Victorian Era, between 1837 to 1901, brooches have continued to be seen as a symbol of style and status ever since, with these elaborate adornments still seen as the icing on the cake for elegant outfits.

But while once, diamond and jewel-encrusted offerings were the only way to wear them, today’s pins are more varied and unique than ever, and with the enamel pin maker like enamelpins.com or pinbadges.co bringing imaginative and fashion conscious buyers’ visions to life, nothing is out of the question.

From intricate flowers and animals to favourite bands, film characters and just about anything else you can dream up, the leading custom pin manufacturer has been making waves in recent years thanks to its limitless offerings and chameleon-like ability to shape-shift its designs to accommodate even the most unusual of ideas – as well as the most stylish.

While the original brooches and pins of times gone by undoubtedly afforded wearers some level of individuality, having your own design custom made means that you’re unlikely to encounter anyone with the same piece, much less the same combination of pins as you. Once reserved to be worn only on the lapels of blazers and jackets or to finish off a beautiful blouse, the modern custom pin can be used to dress up just about anything, so if you’re feeling a little tired of your beloved designer handbag then there couldn’t be an easier way to dress yours up and add your own stamp to it.

Having said that, the custom pins are still one of Pin Badges’ most popular product types, and with no minimum order quantity, you can source yourself a beautiful new pin whenever the mood strikes, with a speedy turn-around time. Of course, they’re not just fashion statements, and many schools, clubs, companies and organisations also work with the brand to have unique named pieces designed and dreamt up to make them instantly identifiable – but nevertheless, their status as an understated style accessory for your affluent fashionista has slowly but surely become undeniable, so it’s little wonder Pin Badges is enjoying such a surge in popularity of late.

If you’re looking for new and unusual way to spruce up your capsule wardrobe this year and add some extra oomph to your favourite outfits, then dreaming up some special designs for some personalised and fully customisable hard enamel pins might just be the way to breathe new life into your look – and the good news is, you don’t have to be an artist to have yours brought to fruition. Just let Pin Badges know what you have in mind, and they’ll do the rest, delivering your custom pin to you in no time.

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