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Staying the distance as a luxury brand is no small feat, and only a select few have managed to maintain their hard-won status over the years. Built on rich history and heritage and of course, the utmost in exclusivity, these esteemed names – which aim themselves at a selective and affluent segment of the market – have made themselves synonymous with high status and opulence. And, as we head into 2023, they are brand names that will remain on everyone’s lips, and that will continue to enjoy their reputation as some of the most coveted in the world.

Not all brands fare so well, but one that has managed to come out on top is Michael Kors – the fashion label that is perhaps best known for its luxury handbags. The Valerie and Voyager have carved out a name for themselves as the ultimate ‘it’ bags over the years, and continue to rake in revenue for the brand despite having now been doing the rounds for several years.

Michael Kors Handbags
Michael Kors is perhaps best known for its luxury handbags. Image credit: AGCreativeLab/Bigstock.com

Its watches, too, have come under the spotlight over the past decade, with its rose gold chain link offerings for women proving particularly popular and sparking a new craze for this variation on the classic precious metal. The Parker, Darci and Slim Runway no doubt continued to feature at the top of many a fashionista’s Christmas list this year, and will be spotted adorning wrists across the world’s major fashion cities in 2023.

Of course, handbags and watches aren’t the brand’s only notable offerings – and nor are they singularly responsible for Michael Kors’ meteoric success. This world-renowned designer of luxury clothing, footwear and accessories has had a long journey to get to where it is today, initially established back in 1981 and now churning out a range of high-quality products under the signature Michael Kors Collection and other associated ‘Michael’ labels.

Today, you can wander into one of the brand’s sophisticated boutique stores in almost any of the world’s most notable cities, from London and New York to Milan and Paris, and even Tokyo and Dubai. In 2023, just about everyone has heard of Michael Kors, and the majority of them covet a slice of this lavish fashion pie for themselves.

Michael Kors store
In 2023, just about everyone has heard of Michael Kors, and the majority of them covet a slice of this lavish fashion pie for themselves. Image credit: shawnwilliams4433/Bigstock.com

But how exactly did the designer – and the brand – reach the lofty heights of success they enjoy today?

An eye for timeless chic and enduring sophistication certainly has something to do with it. Michael’s flair for creating trends and turning them into items that don’t just have a finger well and truly on the fashion pulse, but are thoroughly wearable with it, is a unique talent that not all designers possess – and it’s one that has thus served him and the wider brand well.

With each new season, Kors has continued to bring products to market that have invariably become seen as must-haves, going on to be seen as  iconic pieces that people are ready and willing to part with their hard-earned cash to be seen wearing. Viewed as the ultimate extravagance whilst still offering the utmost in quality and durability, the eponymous label’s garments and accessories are designed to stand the test of time, exuding enduring elegance for many years to come – and that, in itself, is the very definition of luxury.

Of course, they do come at a price – and the fact that they are often associated with hefty price tags is all part of the appeal. Michael Kors coupons aren’t something you’ll often come across, because the majority of brands that have successfully established themselves as a notable name in luxury fashion have done so on the premise of scarcity and exclusivity – two things that appeal endlessly to an affluent, high-net-worth customer base who want to be seen in only the finest attire money can buy – and items that not just anyone can afford.

Michael Kors
Michael Kors is the luxury ready-to-wear and accessory brand founded by Michael Kors in 1981. Image credit: Ursula1964/Bigstock.com

Nevertheless, the Kors version of luxury has never been about ostentatiousness – in fact, quite the opposite. Michael Kors has always kept its branding relatively subtle – a move that has avoided cheapening its products and that has seen it continue to win favour with wealthy shoppers who despite being fans of high-quality goods, prefer to be discreet and keep things simple when getting dressed and choosing their accessories.

As the saying goes, ‘less is more’, and never has this been truer when it comes to fashion. The luxury brands that have seen long-term success and are likely to stick around for generations to come are those that understand this, and that have continued to appeal to the traditional luxury customer by maintaining optimal quality without ever resting on their laurels whilst also adapting to an ever-changing market and fully embracing the digital world we now live in.  Along the way, we’ve seen many big name luxury labels fall by the wayside – but Michael Kors, it seems, is in it for the long haul.

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