The OTAM 58 GTS returns with a new and improved design. The new design includes upgrades that make it much more appealing and specs that make the already great vessel even more irresistible. Starting with the massive 58-foot Kevlar hull, it has been trimmed to make cruising speeds more efficient, allowing for less fuel consumption and a better aero/hydrodynamic feel. The OTAM 58 GTS comes with three options to choose from for your desired powerplant. The most powerful motor setup OTAM provides for this model is a twin MTU unit that produces a whopping 1,830 horsepower; considering the yacht’s weight, an excessive amount of raw power is required to move such a vehicle up to speed. 

Another updated feature of the OTAM 58 GTS is the bridge. The bridge features a sweeping fiberglass dashboard with fiber optic lighting, two double cabins, a single cabin, and a galley for living quarters, making it suitable for up to 5 guests. Overall this Italian designer super Yacht is one of a kind; whoever has the opportunity to get their hands on this fantastic piece of engineering, consider yourself thankful. 


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