Immerse Yourself in Mexico's Natural Treasure With Award-Winning Designer Mariangel Coghlan

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Mexico is a magical and inspiring country. Its geography is as varied as its culture, from the beaches of the Caribbean, the Gulf, the Pacific to the Sea of Cortez; the imposing Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey; the romantic cobblestone streets of colonial cities like Oaxaca, Puebla, or Merida; the bustling streets of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende or Cancun. Each city reveals its own history. Mexico is a land of infinite possibilities, a slice of the world that expresses vibrant colors, unique cultures, exotic foods, rich traditions and captivating people. The global community celebrates these eclectic yet deeply rooted qualities.

It is no wonder or surprise that Mexico has given birth to extraordinary and creative artists who have shone brightly and captured hearts. The iconic Frida Kahlo comes immediately to mind, who created famous and fascinating works that were born out of pain and isolation… She had something to say, and she painted it. Today, new artistic creativity is making waves in the world of interior design and architecture. Mariangel Coghlan is the genius behind a diverse portfolio of work that captivates with an intricate fusion of Mexican influences.

MARIANGEL COGHLAN is a luxury interior design firm with more than 25 years of experience operating in Mexico and worldwide. The firm has received international design awards for its work in Mexico and abroad, including the coveted award for Best Luxury Interior Design Studios in Mexico 2020 from the distinguished Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

The philosophy behind Mariangel’s production is that Mexico, like any other country, is part of the global web of economic, cultural and social connections: we are all affected by the decisions and actions of human beings in very different latitudes. MARIANGEL COGHLAN’s fusion + Mexico style is the result of reflecting on international design trends in light of the wonderful shapes, colors and natural resources that Mexico, in particular, has to offer.

Mariangel Coghlan’s designs express her love for Mexico and its treasures. From exuberant colors and fascinating shapes to a wide variety of textures, she provides an insatiable, bold and dynamic creative toolkit. The most outstanding feature that demands attention is her flair in the perfect risky use of color. Every shade you can imagine becomes a visual masterpiece: Mexico on a palette is almost as if the rainbow was inspired by Mexico! And, in contrast to this fearless use of vivacious tones, she can take it all the way to earth, ground and dark night colors with exquisite depth and charm.

The Mexican patterns and textures at play are striking, captivating and hold the look. The way they work together to create a tapestry of atmosphere and energy is an art form in itself and something Mariangel skillfully weaves together.

At the end of the day, the design industry exists to make the world a more beautiful place. The people in the firm are avid storytellers. They are artists, they are inventors, they are creators. They are constantly pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo and creating new realities, which is something Mariangel Coghlan masters with unparalleled perfection.

If you have an interior design project or idea that you want to put in the hands of extraordinary professionals, then definitely contact Mariangel Coghlan.

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