BRABUS Marine introduces “the Heart of the Ocean”. Elegant, Exclusive and timeless, designed specifically for those who seek to experience the magic of high-performance marine. The BRABUS Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature Edition combines mesmerizing power with comfortable handling without compromise. Just like the well known luxurious BRABUS supercars, This yacht was developed with the same passion for detail and represents the same Wow-Factor that characterizes all BRABUS vehicles. 

The BRABUS Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature Edition’s features dual Mercury Marine 450R 4.6-litre V8 Four Stroke racing engines, which produce a stunning 900hp. That’s why BRABUS Shadow Deep Blue is capable of reaching over 60+ knots with ease, but at the same time it is also one of the best when it comes to handling and drivability. It has a dashboard with fingertip controls and touchscreen technology, which improves the handling and the boat’s Intelligent Steering Module with bow-thruster ensures optimal maneuverability.

Customers can choose between a fully open aft option, an extensive wet bar package, a multi-storage package for the storage of adventure equipment and outdoor-lifestyle gear or the luxurious and supremely comfortable aft cabin with a ‘queen size’ sleeping accommodation.

Carrying on the legacy of the award winning BRABUS Shadow 900 range, this exclusive Signature Edition doesn’t disappoint. It is truly a thrilling and competent all-round performer and a pinnacle achievement in the luxury sport-boat sector.

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