Palmer Johnson has created a new superyacht inspired by the Chiron.

At sea, the new £1.9 million, 1,479bhp Bugatti Chrion now has a soul mate. The Niniette 66 is a 20-metre superyacht designed by Bugatti in collaboration with yacht maker Palmer Johnson, limited to 66 examples and featuring a design that echoes the new hypercar’s looks.

Following in the footsteps of Jaguar, Aston Martin, and Lexus, it’s yet another luxury yacht from a luxury carmaker.

When viewed from the side, the yacht resembles Bugatti’s Veyron, which has replaced the Chiron. The large, sweeping lines that form the air intakes on the car continue onto the boat, though the lines curve up to form the yacht’s superstructure. The hull and deck are both made of carbon fiber, and buyers can opt for a two-tone Chiron color scheme.

Power and performance differences between the Niniette 66 and the Chiron are more noticeable. The yacht is less powerful than the car, which has a quad-turbocharged W16 engine producing 1,479bhp. A 1,000bhp MAN V8 engine provides a top speed of 44 knots – nearly 51mph. A more powerful 1,200bhp engine is available as an option, but it only increases top speed by 5 knots to 55mph.

The deck is finished in carbon fiber, leather, and, most notably, natural blue morta oak. The lower deck has a Jacuzzi, while the middle deck has a sun lounger and a drinks bar. A small fire pit is also located ahead of the Jacuzzi. The driver gets a Bugatti steering wheel and a plethora of digital binnacles and instruments up front.

Below deck is a lounge with carbon-fibre, leather, and marble furniture and decorations. The salon is overlooked by a large Bugatti horseshoe. A master bedroom with a double bed and a bathroom is adjacent to the lounge. Buyers will have plenty of customization options when it comes to the interior of the Niniette 66, though an exact price has yet to be revealed.

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