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We’d be surprised if you can find someone who extols the virtues of Pilates and yoga equally, even though many of us would be hard-pushed to explain the difference between them. The former owes its capital letter to one Joseph Pilates, a German physical trainer who developed his method early in the 20th century, although the man himself called it ‘Contrology’. Pilates’ exercises are focused on developing core strength and efficient movement habits while yoga, although its poses do develop core strength, revolves more around stretching and flexibility; perhaps it’s fair to say that Pilates leans towards gaining control and yoga is more about letting go.

Whatever camp you’re in, both are brilliant body and mind disciplines so we’d encourage you to give Pilates a try if it’s new to you, or if you’re not sure about yoga. Here are the best Pilates classes in London.

FS8, Oxford Circus

Every Londoner has heard of F45 — the functional fitness studios found on nearly every street corner which offer sweaty, high-intensity 45-minute sessions for the exercise junkies among us. Inside, you’ll be expected to complete a demanding workout of burpees, ski ergs, mountain climbers and more. Intense, right?

It may be right up your street but for those after something low-impact, look to FS8: the sister workout designed by the team behind F45 which comprises Pilates, yoga and strength concepts. New to Great Titchfield Street, the building is divided into F45 and FS8 studios, the latter on the first floor in an airy room sectioned by Pilates reformers. Each workout is divided into 35 sets, which are displayed on screens as you move along the circuit, and integrates yoga warm-ups and cool-downs, reformer Pilates, mat work, dumbbells and activation bands to challenge your body without putting unnecessary pressure on your joints and muscles.

Classes from £25, membership from £152 per month, visit

Core, Kensington and Chiswick


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Core embodies Joseph Pilates’ belief that Pilates is about the “complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit” — and that’s why each of its classes put a special emphasis on these values. While you develop your core, lower body, and upper body strength, as well as flexibility and posture, Core’s instructors also encourage you to practice mindfulness to help achieve a sense of balance within the mind and body.

Core’s sessions are divided into Basic (best for those who are new to the exercise), Intermediate, Advanced and Power reformer. While Core welcomes novices, this Pilates studio is known to put even experienced exercisers through their paces. Its intermediate and advanced classes follow highly technical and choreographed set repertoires that must first be learned before the class and are guaranteed to have muscles burning but leave you feeling accomplished (especially if you can keep up).

Classes from £35, membership from £87 per month, visit

Psycle, across London

Putting a unique spin on classic reformer Pilates, Psycle’s Reformer-X class is built on the practice’s core principles but aims to add more power, intensity and dynamism. While listening to a great playlist, you’ll be encouraged to get creative on the reformer in an energetic and fun 55-minute workout. Each move on the carriage, which will have enough resistance to push you to your limits, aims to strengthen specific muscles such as the back, glutes and hamstrings while helping to align your posture.

Classes from £25, membership from £95 per month, visit

Bootcamp Pilates, Notting Hill

“You are 50 minutes away from the best body of your life” — quite the opener. Bootcamp Pilates promises to remove workout remorse so head to its Notting Hill studio for a Dynamic Reformer Pilates group class built on Joseph Pilates’ original principles: “executed in a sequence of energetic and invigorating exercises that focus on building strength, increasing flexibility and improving your posture”. The springs and straps of the reformer minimise impact on joints while also toning the body. As JP himself said, after one session you’ll feel the difference; after 10 sessions you’ll see the difference. There is also a Richmond studio for those further out.

Classes from £30, membership from £105 per month, visit

Ten Health & Fitness, across London

ten health and fitness

It may now be Ten Health & Fitness, with Pilates, PT sessions, physio and massage on offer across ten sites, but back when the company launched in 2007 with one studio, it was known as TenPilates. Classes range from level-dictated (beginner, intermediate, advanced) to themed: try pre/post-natal, jumpboard or circuit classes to mix up your workout. Ten seems determined to make taking care of your body as easy as can be. Its sites are open seven days a week, from early to late on weekdays; a no-membership, pay-as-you-go model offers great flexibility; and in-house physios and sports massage therapists mean you can’t justify ignoring that niggle. Focus on chasing endorphins with Ten’s experts in Chiswick, the City, Hatton Garden, Little Venice, Nine Elms, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Notting Hill Gate, St James’ or Tottenham Court Road.

Classes from £35, membership from £135, visit

Pilates in the Clouds, Kensington

If you manage to secure a class, let us know. We found out about Pilates in the Clouds (and were immediately won over by its calming name) via Instagram. This exclusive studio, founded by Lauren Masaoka, has no website and limited social media presence; it’s a word-of-mouth hit among those in the know and has a waiting list for its sought-after classes. On its Instagram account you’ll find influencer Marianna Hewitt and models Shanina Shaik and Jourdan Dunn have all made an appearance (with a casual 7.9 million followers between them), proof that the PITC team has experience honing the bodies of the world’s most famous women.

Send an Instagram DM to @pilatesintheclouds or email

Form Studios, Notting Hill

form pilates

Form is a true labour of love, founded by fitness-loving couple Jerry and Elissa — both former professional athletes and now “business partners, life partners and soulmates”. Their ethos is inspiration and information. “We want our clients to not only experience the workout of a lifetime but to learn something new about their body and health. If you are not feeling optimal, this transcends all aspects of your life and compromises your wellbeing.”

Try one of its small specialist classes, from the low-impact, intense Mat Pilates Plus to Sweatcore (a combination of core-challenging Pilates to improve strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness) and Purecore (a low-impact, high-intensity reformer style Pilates class). Both the -core classes are performed on the MOTR — multi-functional core training apparatus. Form even offers aerial yoga, which the LL team is very keen to try.

Classes from £30, membership from £199 per month, visit

Heartcore, across London

heartcore pilates

This is a Pilates offering that’s ideal for when you don’t have time to leave home. Heartcore does indeed do brilliant classes in its seven studios but it also has a great suite of two-way livestream and on-demand online classes, which explains why it won Best Online Workout at Tatler’s Gym Awards last year. Classes combine the most effective elements of Pilates, the wisdom of yoga and the joy of free movement to help you transform your body and your mind. Heartcore also does PT sessions at its studios (in Bayswater, Chelsea, Fulham, Hampstead, Kensington, Notting Hill and St John’s Wood) and Heartcore retreats. We’re already sold — sign us up.

Classes from £35 for new members, membership from £225 per month, visit

Pilates Squared, Kensington

pilates squared

We like the feel of this one-studio Pilates brand. It comes across as friendly and personal; “Pilates teaching comes in all shapes and sizes. Some studios focus on rehabilitation, some on strength training, and some on Classical Method. Here we focus on you.” Its founder Caron Bosler is an author, trainer and teacher of all methods of Pilates and she has created a unique blend from her decades of training and studies, mixing Pilates, dance, yoga, TRX (total resistance exercises) and strength training. Contact the team to book a private session or a small class of up to just three.

Classes from £30, visit

Exhale Pilates, Primrose Hill

exhale pilates london

If you want to make the most of all the equipment it’s possible to use in a Pilates session, while staying true to classical Pilates and its roots, this is the place to come. There’s the Tower, the Reformer, the Chair and the Barrel; find out their workout potential in 55-minute classes, plus private sessions, duets (a private class for two people), online classes, teacher training and workshops which are all on offer at Exhale’s boutique studios in Primrose Hill and North Finchley. The brand name is a good one too; we’d be surprised if reading it doesn’t make you take a mindful gulp of air before a big release.

Classes from £35, membership from £225 per month, visit

Pilates HQ, Angel

pilates hq london

Escape the hustle and bustle of the capital and find a place of calm at Pilates HQ. With its own roof garden and skylights, the light-filled studio offers group Pilates classes and one-on-one reformer sessions which combine traditional exercises with resistance training to tone and strengthen the body. Whether you’re a Pilates devotee or a complete beginner, the team of 16 trainers are on hand to help you feel comfortable on the reformer and use it to its full potential.

Classes from £22, membership from £190 per month, visit

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