5 things every lady must know about 2020 luxury summer trends

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Regardless of the pandemic and the countless postponed summer plans, we are finally able to make it to the beach…at least. Down here is 2020’s trending list of essentials:

Neon is still in

We all had the privilege to shine in neon from tip to toe last summer. However, since it is never enough, Valentino steered the neon outburst, and then a lot of high-end and local brands followed the hub. With endless glowy versions of all summery colours, phosphoric green, fuchsia and bright yellow are still prominent.

Put the “Bandana” and enjoy the mess

The cute bandana that went viral after Amina Khalil’s appearance with it is so trending this summer. It adds anything but juvenile look, especially with few face-framing waves. This is a lifesaver stylistic addition on a bad hair day and the perfect solution to post-beach hair fizziness.

Slay in blank slates

As simple and delicate as it sounds, blank cosy dresses are on the top of the list with all its imaginable variations that suit everyone’s preferences. With lace, Guipure and satin deployed, weaved with macramé, organdie bows and delicate flowers the feminine look is well-kept-up.

Change the norm with the Monochrome

Colour jamming is not just a trend. Instead, we got a single colour to wear, weird? You might like it more if you remembered how slimming (yes finally) and elongating it is. It’s done by wearing one solid colour (usually earthy) on top and bottom, bottom and shoes, or a blank slate. Yes, it is that simple yet VERY significant.

Red lipstick is vigorously back

Red is that enchanting colour that can instantaneously be both classic and casual, varying according to what you match with it. Grab your favourite from Sephora, Maybelline or Estee lauder and use it to add more to your outfit with minimal makeup or vice versa. It’s absolutely one of the best trends to pull off.

If your summertime closet seems a little unready, fear nothing. These manageable trends will give you the IN look with the least effort.

Written By Omnia Kandil for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

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