Children Can Be Real Superheroes by Learning STEM


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics account for 11 out of the top 12 Paying jobs.

Geomag builds learning into all their toys and incorporates STEM into the foundations of play. STEM means for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is these 4 areas in which the children of today will become the real superheroes of tomorrow. 11 out of the top 12 paying jobs all require STEM, and 80% of all future jobs will require one or more of these disciplines.

The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that children spend 60 minutes a day of open-ended play. Children in Oakland were found to have up to 32% faster brain speeds after 8 weeks of structured gameplay.

Many parents feel that their children have too much screen time yet struggle to find a happy medium. Screen time quickly adds up. We may feel that an hour here and there is not much, but 96% of children watch TV for over 15 hours per week. This does not include phones, tablets, and computer games. All of which can easily double this time.

Screen time may keep a child quiet for a little while, but long term it will not help them learn the key skills needed for life. Research from the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) study, show that children who spend two or more hours per day on digital screens are more likely to have behavioural problems.

Around two-thirds of parents feel their children have too much screen time. Columbia University found that when people know that they will be able to find information online easily, they are less likely to form a memory of it. Learning through play helps build memory. Initiative play builds key STEM skills and decreases the reliance on digital screens.

Geomag Mechanics are created to help children learn all whilst having fun. Allowing children to experiment, master and create their own conceptions helps them learn in an exciting environment. Through science, technology, engineering, and mechanics Geomag has them all in their fun toy range.

The Geomag Mechanics 86 Magnetic Motion Set allows children to build incredible and exciting inventions. The bigger they build the more dynamic it gets. With magnetising, rotating and chain reactions they can make anything they wish. Geomag stimulates creativity, inventiveness, and intelligence to allow a child to master mechanical and magnetic forces. The Geomag 96 Challenge Goal costs £25 from Amazon.

The Geomag Magicube allows children to build on all sides through its powerful magnetics. Ideal to educate and start building blocks in a toddlers education. The Magicube 24 set costs £33 from Amazon.

Download the Geomagworld app on iOS and Android stores or check out the web version, with interactive instructions for all product lines and many alternative ideas to create and share your new construction projects!