FLY LDN: Re-defining exercise for the ultimate performance

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Imagine being able to achieve your fitness goals and push yourself to the max, without putting unnecessary pressure on your joints and muscles, whilst de-stressing at the same time?

Situated in the heart of Aldgate, London, FLY LDN brings together two essential and complementary low impact, fitness disciplines; Vinyasa Yoga and Low Impact Training (LIT), to enable you to perform at your best, whilst preventing injury and building muscle tone and strength. Offering a fully integrated and holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing, in a luxurious and tranquil environment, FLY LDN is fast becoming the workout studio of choice for busy Londoners.

Tapping into the latest fitness trend of LIT, this state-of-the-art facility, offers a range of progressive Yoga and Low Impact Training group classes, designed and delivered by leading industry professionals to challenge and motivate you, whilst looking after your mind and body.

If you like multi-sensory fitness experiences, set to spine-tingling playlists, then FLY LDN is the answer you have been looking for. The immersive yoga studio, with cinematic visuals (think, the breath-taking Himalayan mountain ranges one minute and crashing ocean swells the next) along with curated playlists, has been designed to transport you away from the hustle and bustle of city life and take you on a journey of personal discovery.

FLY LDN signature yoga classes are based on traditional Vinyasa sequences, yet, are stripped back, without any of the ‘yogi jargon’ and crystals. All the classes have been expertly designed to complement traditional strength training and exercise disciplines to help you stretch and breathe deeper, whilst you focus your mind away from the city hustle. Beginners can ease themselves in with a Base Flow or Slow Flow class to learn the basic and essential postures, whilst the more advanced can progress to Flow Life classes with more dynamic sequences designed to make you sweat.

For those looking to enhance the effects of their yoga regime or seeking a new way to exercise without putting stress on their joints or muscles, FLY LDN also offer a range of Low Impact workouts, designed by a physiotherapist and CrossFit coach to help you strengthen and build muscle tone. These small group classes provide a personalised approach to fitness for up to 5 people at a time and offer an intense, full-body conditioning class, combining weight and TRX-suspension stretching to help increase strength and mobility.

As part of the Low Impact programme, FLY LDN also offer a traditional Barre class, that draws on Pilates, Yoga and dance to build core strength and improve balance, posture and flexibility. These classes utilise bodyweight, lightweights, balls, resistance bands and the bar for intensity, variety and ultimate progression.

Whatever your shape, gender, fitness level or individual goal, FLY LDN’s ultimate mission is to encourage you to challenge yourself and push beyond your limits, whilst being kind to your body at the same time. So, cut out the jargon and judgment, and experience a unique way of training with FLY LDN.

Rest assured, Fly LDN are committed to keeping their staff and members safe when visiting the studio. To find out more, please see here

For further information visit FLY LDN

A: 24 Creechurch Lane, London, EC3A 5EH.

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